Edging, yes or no?

So I was wondering what everyones view is on Edging.

Do you think it is good training against premature ejaculation? Will that boost your confidence?

And if you do it, do you use porn or not?

I think edging can be good training against PE, if done correctly. One of the tips in the first or second course of Mojo talks about assigning your arousal on a scale of 0-10, with 9 and 10 being the “point of no return”. Edging is a good way to practice finding where the line is, figuring out how to back away from it when necessary, and building the confidence that you are in control of the orgasm, rather that it being out of your hands. The better you are at it in practice, the better you will perform when it comes to sex with a partner.

When I’m trying to train my body through edging, I don’t use porn, because I want to visualize the actual scenario and get as close to the real thing as I can through imagination. But do what works for you and whatever builds your confidence and self-belief.

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Thanks for the reply. I feel like without porn it would take way to long to get to the edge :sweat_smile: Also to get hard would take to long.

But yeah, i also read some negative things about it online so that why i wondered.

In still new at Mojo, hoping to learn a lot more

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Understandable. I feel like PE has two aspects, (1) we get to the edge too quickly, and (2) we struggle to stop ourselves from going over. Becoming more skilled in both areas will lead to more confidence, and edging seems like a really good way to counteract the second aspect. As in, “I’m getting close, but I know exactly what to do to not cum, because I have practiced this.”

Personally I agree with the concept that edging can be good for you just as developing-purple-elephant said. The only note I wanted to add would be regarding porn. Now this can be entirely wrong, but at least for me, it works more. I find that regular porn can be incredibly addicting/stimulating both visually and audibly, kind of training your brain to expect certain scenarios. But I know a lot of people that listen to audios like JOI for example. At least in my mind, it’s less addicting since its less stimulating because theres no visual stimulus and it also kind of goes hand and hand with the whole edging and trying to prolong ejaculation.

Edging has been helpful to me and with practice it really works. Just stick with it as best you can. If you really practice, when you get to 9.8 out of 10 you really can squeeze tightly and orgasm without ejaculating.

When you say squeeze tight, do you mean kegels?