Edging feels like waxing and waning

Is waxing and waning the same as edging. Like im seeing my girl tomorrow and was getting hard thinking of it. I started to masterbate but squeezed the tip when I felt like I was going to cum. And then I got hard again. Any help on this?

No expert but in the wax and wane exercise you just get hard and then allow yourself to go soft again - so you don’t spend a lot of time hard not aim to cum or even try to. Then repeat.

Edging though is as you say as close as you can dare to almost cumming and feeling the early stages of your orgasm and then easing/ squeezing to delay that final release of the orgasm and then repeat until it you want to let go.

Edging may be easier if you squeeze around the base of the shaft rather than tip - may need to experiment.