ED medication recommendations and use

Hello. I don’t have a major problem here but it’s worse with new partners, especially one night stands. Once I get to know someone and I’m comfortable im fine. I just need something for the rare occasion that I have a hookup. I’d like to hear what meds have worked for yall, how much, and how the hell you go about predictively taking it so you one, don’t get started before it kicks in and two, don’t end up walking around the bar with a boner lol. Thanks

Hey, long time ED med user here but only experienced with Viagra and Cialis and their generics. Viagra will get you going quickly, like 25 to 40 minutes. Cialis is more like 2 hours and lasts way longer (sometimes up to 2 days).

I’ve tried a variety of dosages and I think you’ll need to experiment to find what’s right for you. Look at the available doses and choose something in the middle and see if it’s too strong or too weak. The higher doses of Viagra can give you a fierce headache but it’s gone in a few hours.

Contrary to cartoony depictions, it’s unlikely you’ll be super boned up just because you took the meds. Your brain still needs to feel like it’s “game on” and there needs to be some true stimulation or arousal.

And I’ve found that if you overuse the meds, eventually your anxiety can overcome them. If your inner critic gets hold before any arousal comes, it can freeze you out.

One of the best things I’ve learned at Mojo is that I have the right to not be turned on. Just because I’m a guy, I don’t need to always be down for sex. When I met my wife, we did a lot of making out in the car like we were teenagers (but we were wayyyy older) and it was pretty hot. We didn’t jump in right away and I think it made our sex life better.

Good luck and make sure you don’t start totally relying on the meds. They are very hard to kick psychologically.


When you say up to 2 days, you mean that you have the ability to get erect and remain erect for a 2-day period of time, right? Like you said, you still need stimulation to get hard, it just helps you do it in the moment. I think I get it. So you just take it a little earlier in the night and when things eventually get hot and heavy, you’ve already got it on board. Unless of course you take it way too early. For viagara that is. Cialis you could take probably a day beforehand, it sounds like.

Yeah these aren’t really meant for psychological/performance ED. But I think it could be just the little extra kick of confidence I need, you know? Like don’t worry, you got this, but also this thing’s got your back just Incase you need help. If I keep that mindset and continue to use MOJO as an adjuvant therapy along with the meds, as needed, I think it will be a good combination without letting me become dependent on the drug. Which is not the goal. I don’t want to replace one problem with another. Ultimately I want to gain control of my mind during sex so that I don’t need the meds anymore.

I think you’re right. I’m the same way, I like to “take it slow” with the right person.

Do I need a prescription? Or can I get this OTC?

You need a prescription for ED meds.

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Sorry, had a crazy busy couple of weeks.

I mean that for up to two days, when I get aroused I tend to maintain that erection longer. I wouldn’t stay hard for two days, just much firmer and longer than usual.

I just used both Cialis and Viagra this weekend (lost my confidence in the timing of Cialis) and had a crazy heart racing episode. As noted, these drugs have their problems and you should get your heart health checked out before starting them.

It’s best to see a doctor but I originally was too embarrassed and ordered them online from India or Canada. They’re much cheaper that way, of course, but I seriously recommend getting checked by a doc before you start them.

I think you’ve got a good mindset of using Mojo to work out the anxiety and eventually not needing the drugs. Good luck!

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For sure. I saw that Hims website offers them. They come in like chewable forms like breath mints lol… sneaky… but they were expensive! I think I’ll talk to my psychiatrist about it. He should be able to prescribe them. Do you know anything about Hims.com? Is it better / worse than getting a real prescription?

@courageous-yellow-smelt - I just want to say thanks for being so open to share your experience with ED medications and your approach to take things slow. I tried Cialis for the first time at home last week to “test” how it affected me. It was weird as I felt some weird respiratory and sinus symptoms but it definitely had some affect with my erection. Not sure how I feel about taking it regularly. My main issue is my anxiety but I did have an evaluation that I need to strengthen my pelvic floor too. Sucks getting older but your sharing helps me solidify my focus on taking things slow and caution using medications. Thanks! Great thread!

Glad I could help! That’s what this is all about and the community aspect of it has been one of the best things about Mojo.