Do you ever get anxious during sex? How does it affect you? (Part 2)

Yes I’m always thinking it’s not going to work even if I’m taking cialis or viagra. I find myself getting frustrated that it’s going to frustrate my partner. I’m now 66 and I feel my penis has atrophied and is smaller when flaccid than years ago. I used to be above average when hard and now I can’t get hard enough to penetrate. I can orgasm with touch but as aroused as I get it still doesn’t reach a full erection.

I can’t get it up but when I do it doesn’t last long

I have no problem when beginning sex but tend to lose it very quickly once the activity gets rigorous.

Yes, I get anxious… I get hard but lose it when I want / need it most… probably putting pressure on myself to perform well. I’ve an amazing and understanding new girlfriend but it’s me that worries and so want to satisfy her as I believe I should.

I now find myself either avoiding or limiting intimate moments as I fear I’ll let her down and not perform…

Feel embarrassed

I feel like getting soft lower the pleasure felt both both people.

Very often and cause premature ejaculation

I worry about my energy levels and how long I’ll be able to stay hard… sometimes I just lose all interest in sex


Yes I do, it’ll be going well and I’ll have an erection worthy to produce satisfying inter course but all of a sudden I’ll think what could go wrong and then slowly but surely it disappears and I make a lame excuse as to why it is like it is. I don’t feel like a man at all. I previously came out of a relationship and the sex was awkward at first but go better, my partner moved away after I went back to school, they treated me bad, communication became less and less, they then cheated on me. Previous partner also said I was crap in bed even though she was telling how insane it was at the time, both left me pretty shoot confident wise. Did not think I could ever trust again.

I often get anxious. I can’t be in the moment. I can’t maintain an erection or sometimes even get one.

I get anxious in anticipation of sex and it affects me every time. My penis doesn’t get hard or if it does, it doesn’t stay hard, even with medication.

Yes, I think my anxiety comes from maintaining an erection rather than getting it up. Like pausing kissing or groping to get undressed causes me to go soft.

I remember the first time I jacked off I could last for hours. I think years of watching porn and overthinking it when it came down to it has lead me where I am now. I tried viagra and it worked the first few times but now has basically no effect. That’s when I knew it was 100% psychological and that’s why I’m here.

It makes me soft

When I’m with someone new, sometimes I have performance anxiety but as I get more comfortable with them it isn’t as much of a problem

The negative loop is brutal. I’m a very sexual and sexually adventurous guy. My most recent gf is as well and the first time we went to have sex, for whatever reason I started feeling uncomfortable and lost it. Ever since it’s been hit or miss. So frustrating when I KNOW I want to have loads of sex with her, but I don’t try because I’m worried, and then it makes our relationship feel weird.

Honestly I get massive waves of anxiety with every decision I make that is slightly risk to the point it take over all of my thought and the woman I’m with becomes totally not attractive or at least I can’t think about her beauty.

Yes, I struggle to be present and worry a lot about whether I’m going to keep it up and for long enough

Yes. It just happened one day during sex where I went soft for no apparent reason. I got incredibly nervous and worried, as did my long term partner. It has happened a few times now because every time I want to have sex I think about it. This then puts me off having sex and also being affectionate to both my partner and even to myself. I am constantly stressed about it and worry for my future with my partner and my own future.