Car crash trauma

Hi I am M26 and everything worked well, till I had this week a very bad car crash, high speed (Just me involved). I think that i got a subconscious trauma, because I thought that it was over with me, the car flew and droped on the roof. I didnt had any injuries, and I think I was conscious the whole time. Some ms are maybe missing, but I had a full check in the hospital and everything was OK. I also got out of the wreck by my own and I dont have any symtomes like headache, but the issue with my genital. I tried several times on my own but 0 response since the crash. Not even a half erection, which makes me very nervous. Is this normal? How long is this normal?

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Bro… you just had a life or death experience… its 1000% normal. One time I choked on food twice in one weekend. Do you know how long it took me to be able to swallow whole food again? 3 months. I tried and tried but my body just wouldn’t let me. To this day I still get a little twinge in my throat when I swallow a lot of food at once. If what had happened to you happened to me, I probably wouldn’t be able to have sex for at least a month. Give yourself time, your body is still traumatized. Some things that might help the healing process are full body yoga, a some full body massages, or even better some somatic therapy. But don’t even think about sex right now. Just thank God nothing worse happened and go on about your day. Sex will come back soon.