Can i start over?

I’ve been doing this for several weeks and i don’t feel like I’m making significant progress. Occasionally, i feel very confident but things fizzle out after a while. I can get hard but i can’t keep hard until I climax. It’s a cruel joke. I’m wondering if Inshould start over. Or if that’s even possible.


I think you can contact mojo via the support/help chat and get your course reset if you want to start over.


I think it’s something you’ve got to realise it’s a journey. You have positives of feeling confident and getting hard, these are all steps in the right direction and you should celebrate these positives. You might see people on here having success in weeks and others having success in months or even longer, it’s different for us all but we are in it together. Take what you have learnt so far and move at the a comfortable pace, in the end it’s all about being comfortable and not in your head. I would recommend seeing a sex therapist aswell as this app, I have found both extremely helpful and always good to talk face to face about it with someone that can help. Be patient mate, and think optimisticly.


Yes exactly! Just shoot us a message on support and we’ll restart you if you’d still like to. We usually respond within 1 business day!

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