Came during sex unexpectedly

I had sex the other day, fore play was going well - didn’t feel the need to cum, this lasted for ten or so minutes. We then started having sex all was going well until I had a voice in my head that popped in 5 minutes in saying ‘you’re going to cum’ + ‘don’t cum’This wasn’t how I was feeling until I heard the voice and then 20 seconds late I did. Has anyone got any advice ?

Hmm that sounds awesome! (I have the opposite problem) I shall try that … focusing on NOT cumming - maybe that works for me.

One approach is once you get that voice is to slow down or change pace or position - just something to break the progress and let things die down a bit and then carry on…. or meditation style noting of the voice and deep slow breath to reduce tension?


Thank you for your advice ! I’ll keep it in mind next time!