Anyone had success with low libido using this app?

I can get hard during masturbation, and usually wake up hard although it doesn’t last very long. I can’t help feeling that my problems are because of a low libido - some guys just seem super charged all the time but for me I’m just not all that horny. All my blood work is normal and I’m relatively healthy so maybe there’s some sort of psychological thing. Wondered if anyone had been in a similar place and managed to make progress (through this app or otherwise!)


Here for the same… I had a big sex-drive in the past but lost it half a year ago. Doctor said everything is fine. I hope this app can help :crossed_fingers:t3:

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You should get your free testosterone checked! I had low testosterone and low libido but my doctor said everything looked good, I had healthy levels of testosterone etc. But he didn’t calculate free testosterone and only tested total testosterone (which was on the lower normal range) Now I get therapy and am full of energy, high libido and depression is gone! It is really important to find a doctor who knows what he is doing so keep looking for your answer.


Ref the free testosterone comment. I went to my doctor and had the same comeback. Not heard about free testosterone though. Can you shed more light on it please

Yes this app has helped a lot. Definitely found the sensate stuff made me see different dimensions to sex that make it better than masturbating. As a result , higher sex drive. Also found when i stopped having erection issues i desired sex more


Hey man! Just wondering mint what you did for it!

I’m 28 and struggling with this lately. I feel like my sex drive should be way higher for my age and yes I relate to what you said, some guys seem supercharged all the time. I’ve never really felt like this but my sex drive has seemed to be pretty low lately, I’m thinking about going to the doctor or a sex therapist to discuss this. I also learned about the negative affects of recreational drugs like cocaine and alcohol can have on sex drive/erections & and am working on quitting both. But the frustrating thing is I take 5000 ie of Vitamen D which is supposed to help and excersise, so I can’t understand why it’s this low. I hate it tbh

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Yeah I’m exactly the same. I take all my supplements, am active and live a reasonably healthy life so don’t understand why my libido is always so low. Every so often I’ll have a little spike of interest in sex but it never seems to last very long. I’m making it my mission to try and figure it out and saving up for more tests and maybe therapy.