Answer the 4Ds and share how you’re going to get the bond you want

Discovery: laughing together
Dream: building a family together

stay together till death
stay loyal

More physical touch like when we were dating, feeling that mutual love & obsession for each other again.

Our future with a kid & a beautiful love we can show our children in treating their partner’s.

I need to initiate that affection rather than avoiding & not trying.

Sending genuine compliments, buying flowers, initiating affection in holding hands, kissing, rubbing her feet, telling her all the reasons I fell in love with her

The best part is we are both working on self-care. The worst part is she triggers my addictions.

The best future would be a balance between my teaching work, my quality time with partner, and an enjoyable connection with communities of interest

Best parts- chemistry, affection, food, general vibe

dream- future- wife, kids, powerhouse real estate couple, raise family in South Bay, intimacy/sex comes easy

design- communicate better; set ourselves up for success, voice when I’m comfortable and not

destiny- I need her support and need to ask for it

I need to create boundaries for the program. I need to get up later . I need to set boundaries with yunia

Discovery: We are both smart and share many similar interests. We both have high sex drives and sense of adventure, and like to try new things

Design: We meet with someone tomorrow about making a new product. We both continue doing what we do best. We work on our own issues and communication. More income will allow us to see each other more often and eventually move in together.

Dream: We make the world a better place together. Making products. Raising our kids. Amazing sex life. House on a lake in the mountains.

Destiny: I have already committed to our long-distance relationship. I am training her in my work. She is sharing her formulations and ideas with me. Her support has been better than any I’ve ever received

Discovery: We are open and committed to each other. She enriched my life and we fulfil each other sexually.
Dream: being together will bring us peace
Design: I want her to move in with me
Destiny; I’m all in

The casual every day life and all the adventures we have been on together.we share so much on common and make every day so much fun I love our how special we can make just playing video games together be.

To completely resolve all sex anxiety and enter a new phase of our lives stronger and closer as a couple.

Communicate , listen to her side, help regrow confidence , continue working hard to recover from last trauma.

Don’t get caught up in pride or ego , seek help when I need it , give her her time to speak , keep in this course , forgive myself for last issues.

Discovery: To me, the best part of a relationship is the friendship built, the world of inner jokes, language, memories. I find that to be particularly special.
Dream: I want to be in a relationship with this kind of friendship where I am also fulfilled sexually and my partner is happy to “do the work” of introspection and analysis. I would like a relationship where we help each other and are loyal to each other in difficult times.
Design: I can be a better partner if I can learn to communicate better. In the past I have sulked when faced with trouble with my previous partners and being like that has been detrimental to my relationships. I have worked on myself but I still have a long way to go. As a practical step, I think I should change my therapist and acquire more tools for good communication. If I can achieve this, my relationships in general can improve.
Destiny: I just need to put in the time. It is all about that. Thinking about what attitudes I need to improve, where might they come from and being more intentional and thoughtful when such situations arise in my day to day.

Discovery: Our laughter together, going on adventures, being open about our feelings and sharing our thoughts. Trust and honesty.
Dream: Our relationship to remain strong and well bonded emotionally and sexually through bids for connection
Design: Strengthen my ability to pick up on bids for connection. I need to pay more attention during conversations and remembering details from what my partner(s) say.
Destiny: Remember to practice noticing bids for connection on a daily basis

  1. Intimacy and humor
  2. Marriage and travel
  3. Need to build my business to fund it
  4. Discuss marriage, find work, continue to work on my business

Best parts the fact that we’re very open with each other and really enjoy each others company.
Futurewise, 3 kids, a nice house, we both have careers we’re proud of and jobs we like. We feel safe in our relationship and sex is something we enjoy and look forward to rather than something we dread due to the fact that I probably won’t get it up again for the millionth time.
To get there, I need to overcome my 13 year long crippling performance anxiety cause other than sexually anxious af, we’re really good together.
Getting there: Tough one as have already tried pretty much everything there is: multiple therapists, couples therapy, sensate focus, TRT, penis pills you name it. Guess I’ll keep that up and I do need to be a bit more optimistic but after 13 years, it’s very hard (ironically lol). For both her and me.

Keep going on more dates. Get to know her more. Live in abundance. Hopefully have a marriage and children one day to focus on life’s bigger goals with family

  1. I like a relationship with someone who loves and inhabits her feminine energy with confidence. Loves to do make up, dress up and go out, and feel sexy in her skin. I love having endless conversations which are smart, funny, and passionate. I also love a relationship where a couple agrees on a division of labor and both people can be relied on to deliver.
  2. Day to day this means living together in a nice apartment. Going out on a date or a party or dancing, something adult and sexy every week. Intentionally making time for each other. Being attuned to each other’s needs.
  3. Communicate with confidence and feel assured that there won’t be judgement. Set time each week to discuss what can improve.
  4. Individually work on our self esteem and boundary setting

Best part of relationship is comfortablly getting vulnerable with each other and accepting each other’s flaws / loving and accepting them

Dream: mindfully appreciative of having other person around and expressing that gratitude in creative fun ways

Design: be attentive, actively listen and not steer clear from uncomfortable topics

Destiny: be good listener and honest

best parts of my relationship: I trust her. I don’t have to pretend to be someone else. the sex is great. she fills in all the checks on what makes a woman a perfect wife. discovering so much from eachother because we’re such different people. the list can keep going so i’m just going to stop there

future i hope for?: traveling together… owning a home… have sex often and sex so great… having children one day… getting lost in our deep, meaningful, and fun conversations… appreciate and enjoy every look of her as she ages beautifully.

what needs to change?: I better make some damn money, maybe move somewhere affordable, lock in on shit that really matters (e.g.: maybe not hang out with friends as often, love them, but I gotta lock in on my own goals and money too), better job too, learn more skills to make more money. i need to continue my growth as a partner too, and by doing that is to continue to become more active in the moment in our times together in conversations, sex, and everything else an ideal partner would do.

how am i going to commit to that? seeing the great changes that i’m experiencing due to me deciding to take charge of my problems. I will maintain that because I feel more fulfilled as a partner and individual. she’s my inspiration too, she’s all the support I really need. “success is never for sale, it’s always for lease and rent is due!” -JJ Watt

Discovery: it’s all gone to shit now but when it was good it was about being relaxed and secure and able to be open about stuff. Plus chilling on the sofa and being a bit cuddly.
Dream: the best we could hope for is that we get back the Discovery stuff, that we each find fulfilling stuff to do individually and on our own, that we have things to work towards (like holidays or home improvement or even career stuff) and we feel like we’re supporting each other doing that.
Design: we need to improve our sex life but that’s only a wee bit. I need to ‘step up’ and be more proactive and ‘manly’. She needs to open up to the possibility of things improving because right now I think she’s closed herself off to that. We need a holiday but right now throwing loads of money at a big one seems like a bad idea.
Destiny: we both need to commit to it. I need to think every day about something I can do to improve the relationship, whether it’s being more affectionate or less needy or doing a practical thing. She needs to be more communicative because right now it feels like she’s written our marriage off.

Discovery: things have gone to shit over the past few months but when they were good, I felt secure, I think she did too, and we could be open and relaxed about stuff. Plus we would lie on the sofa and be affectionate.
Dream: if things got better then we’d both enjoy our hobbies and we’d also do stuff together like taking the dog out. We’d also have goals like home improvement and holidays and maybe even career stuff.
Design: we need to communicate more about things and have some short term goals to work on. I need to be more ‘manly’ and less dependent. She needs to be more open to the possibility of our marriage working, because right now I feel like she’s just written it off.
Destiny: we’d have to have a mutual agreement that we were both working to make our marriage work.