Answer the 4Ds and share how you’re going to get the bond you want

That we’re best friends.

A future where sex and intimacy are frequent and we understand each other’s needs without judgement.

I need to start understanding how to flirt and be intentional with my signals.

I need to receive visible feedback on these actions.

Days off when we just spend all our time together laughing and giggling, doing things we love, CrossFit, hiking, drinking coffee in the mornings, shopping for clothes, trying those clothes on, eating home cooked food and cuddling up on the couch and watching a good movie and discussing it afterwards. Spending all the time just chatting about everything under the sun from family to friends to us to live around us even the future and the past.

The best future I can hope for is that we continue to do all these things with a crazy life and schedule, with the added part of a healthy and happy sex life that isn’t ridden with anxiety on my part.

Keep practicing all the exercises from the app and possibly going over some of the teaching points so I can really get to understand each one throughly. And me putting my best efforts in to want better for myself and my future and my relationship.

I need to work on it continually with a systematic plan. Plus recognise affection from my wife and I need to recognise my inner critic and constantly recognise all the other teaching methods from the app and apply them.

Our relationship is great in most ways other than my financial situation and ed issues.

Ed issues must be fixed.

I will keep doing mojo, do therapy, try different pills if necessary, work out and fix the financial situation.

I will talk to my partner and see the above goals.

Communication in general is the biggest thing for me to improve on in all of my relationships. Being more communicative about what’s going on and how I am feeling will be imperative.

Discovery: to have someone on your side, someone to confide in and someone that loves you unconditionally
Dream: to have good communication, and to have a healthy sex life.
Design: tending to the needs of my partner and listening better. Being more spontaneous in the bedroom and keep working on my ED issues
Destiny: moving in together

The genuine love we have for each other and the unwavering support we give each other. I hope the dynamic of our relationship doesn’t change over time, building a life together.

D:the comunication.
D:follow all the goals have in the same,wake love a lot and support and motivate each other.
D:follow a routine consistency.
D:a mentor maybe,a good economy and a good plan.

Discovery: companionship / getting to know each other
Dream: a simple life with a little one running around the house
Design: complete this MOJO course, overcome my fear of erection issues
Destiny: continue to leverage therapy and resources like mojo

Discovery: The best parts of our relationship is our love for being with each other. We have good chemistry and work really well together.
Dream: Best possible future would be getting married with her. It would be great to spend quality time with each other every day but also make time to do other things.
Design: I need to be financially stable before I can propose and figure out that life. The positives that I can expand could be complimenting her more. After being together for almost 3 years sometimes I can forget to just give her compliments here and then.
Destiny: I can commit to this by just focusing on my career and working hard to establish a life with her.

the loyalty, trust, time spent together. build a family and future and share experiences with each other. communication, expression of emotions, say why we feel. maybe therapy or just sitting down and talking

The best part is the comforting each other. We will listen to each other and talk about the best parts of each other. We can compliment each other in a meaningful way because we know what the other values. For my part, I will let her know what I want/need and ask what she needs. It’s only a conversation away.

best part for relationships are good sex live, being wealthy, and have passions and hobbies together and separately. sex life might be the key to achieve my dreams

Discovery: Learning more about someone else, their experiences, what they love, and what they’re passionate about. The joy they bring to the world.

Dream: An integrated man, who is able to bring love, joy and comfort to those around him.

Design: Continue to work on myself and remove my self-sabotage that stops me from living my best self.

Destiny: Committing to continue to spend and work on myself. To have more experiences, and break through the ego.

Discovery: openness to any new and unexpected
Dream: being a couple who can solve everything together
Design:I need to be more responsive to her bets. And more straight with my problems
Destiny: I need to able to see these bets which I have an idea now from the app. Also need to let out if something is on my heart

Discovery: going on adventures/vacations and enjoying the great outdoors together.

Dream: have a child and continue to go on adventures and watch the family grow.

Design: I have to continue to work on myself. Strive to be the best husband.

Destiny: continued positive reinforcement and working on myself.

Discovery: Going on Adventures. Learning new hobbies together. Having deep conversations that allow us to learn more about eachother.Being there to support eachother no matter what. Making eachother laugh.

Dream: A wife that I can call my best friend and she can call me the same. A bond so strong we trust eachother with anything and everything. Endless love, weather it’s a good day or a bad they, we have eachother’s love at the end of the day.

Design: I need to start being more open to the women I want to build relationships with and tell them what I want after a couple of dates. If I wait too long, I’ll build this image of them in my head, only to find out we were just a summer fling and she doesn’t see me the same way. I also need to know my self worth. I shouldn’t settle for anyone that’s gonna treat me ways that I feel as I shouldn’t be treated. If someone treats me in ways I don’t want my wife to treat me, than I need to stop chasing them.

Destiny: I think the best way to commit to my Design is to have patience. I need to stop chasing and hoping to build the relationship of my dreams and I should just wait for someone to come into my life that loves me as much as I love them. The kind of support I need is friends, family, and more hobbies so I can keep my mind clear of building these short term relationships.

Discovery: In a relationship where I feel like we bring the best out of each other, we find joy, we learn together, and we have each other’s backs.
Dream: Create something together that is helpful for the world.
Design: Try figuring out what that is.
Destiny: Spend time everyday to get to that.

Very lucky, wife ‘gets’ me, and Is really on board with this app and the sharing exercises.

Discovery: She always supports me in anything I want to do.

Dream: Build a family and become an unbreakable team.

Design: Be more vulnerable in conversation and be more confident within myself.

Destiny: Don’t be scared to talk about how I feel and what’s going through my head in that moment

Relaxation, feeling loose, feeling the spark, intimate time together