Answer the 4Ds and share how you’re going to get the bond you want

Discovery: What are the best parts of your relationship? If you’re not in a relationship, what are the best parts of relationships in general?

Dream: What’s the best future you can hope for? Think about what you will do day-to-day. Don’t settle for a simple description like, “happy”.

Design: What needs to change to get you there? Practically what steps do you need to take? What positives can you expand?

Destiny: How might you commit to that? What kind of support do you need to accomplish your preferred future?

Talking to someone who is really fucking smart. Fulfilled sexually, socially, financially, intellectually, and romantically (not necessarily in that order). We need to commit. I need therapy to make this commitment.

In the past I liked humor, wit, compassion, love, talking, real connection. Knowing that she’ll talk to other people. Yet she really enjoys her time most with me… not possessive just that we have a special bond. If that feels disconnected it’s time to look for bids to ignite.

Best future is loving together, children, travel, house projects, sports games, togetherness with friends and family, owning a small business together for our intellectual side. Being sexy and committing to keep the libido locks alive. Passionate sex, touching, words of affirm,

Design need to attract this female energy. Look for bids, take steps to setup dates, continue improving my finances earning, continue earning my passions and a house, travel, charity, giving back to employees, creating love bigger than myself. Make a detailed plan with women I love. Comm openly so we can move quicker and lovingly.

Destiny commit and believe that this is me. It’s what sim here for. There was no resistance writing this, feel that energy. I am the willingness to get there. Start small keep going take relaxation when feel resitance and desire.

I’m single. :frowning:

Our willingness to change, adapt and be there for each other. We hope to keep rekindling our flame. We are working on better communication and not leaving things on the table.

Discovery: the kindness, respect, love and care we have for each other
Dream: building a family and creating new experiences with each other
Design: Addressing our own insecurities and strengthening our communication even more
Destiny: being more open and vulnerable, and showing in more ways my love and affection

Sharing everything with someone.
Some kids and good vacations.
I need a better job, I need to start looking more seriously.
I already have the support I need.

Discovery: the connection we had, we were hugging each other often.

Dream: big house, financially independent, sharing moments relaxed and doing trips. I would like to be intellectual and not having more anxiety about sex. I would like to create a family.

Design: be more sexually active, try to to respond to her bids and be more implied in her interests.

Destiny: i already have the support that I need. But this a constant process. Kaizen! I need to be 1% better each day

The best part is the bond. Just the energy that keeps us together.
Day to day we’ll earn the moment. Make it count, anything can happen in the future, obsviously we can make plans, but it’s the ride that counts.
To get there we need to be available and ready to do it.
It’s an internal process, many lessons to learn, many steps to take… be counscious

I recognise our relationship had gone stale for a few years but I believe that it’s salvageable as we have a goal to start a family. Since it began I felt a spark come back and I would like to overcome my inner critic to make this dream come true.

Discovery: having someone to turn to, communicate with openly and honestly about everything and nothing, to have someone who you can be intimate with, whose body can become one with yours and whose body you know like your own, to be able to give that person pleasure reliably and with dedication, to have someone you can do things for

Dream: the best future I can hope for is

Talking with someone who I feel is really listening and not judging. Not feeling like I need to leave anything out. There’s a long list of things for everyone but just the one person who checks off everything I need and more. Any future like that is what I hope for. I’m a student looking forward to a successful future and I go to the gym 4-5 times a week so I’m already making improvements in my life I feel will help. I just need to find the person and take a leap of faith and be vulnerable.

Discovery: best parts of relationship is the support a person can bring.
Dream: be with someone who is like your best friend and who knows you better than anyone.
Design: be more open with people, let them in.
Destiny: make concessions, give people chances.

Discovery: that we can have so much fun together that i can communicate with her and not feel judged. That we share the same family values, core beliefs and personal boundaries.

Dream: that we can move in together, that we can get a dog together, and most importantly that i can be completely comfortable sexually to explore every inch of her body without having to feel i need to worry about my erection

Design: Improve our connection on deeper level. We are both feening for that one good sex session where we are both in sync, and it’s nothing but deep intimacy. The main thing i can expand is to hold onto the mojo teachings because I’ve felt some improvement even though it kills my confidence to know i use an app to help get out of my head during sex.

Destiny: Commit to the teachings even after a bad performance day. Or commit to the teachings even after a really good day. After a good day i get in the mindset of i don’t need those teachings anymore look at me go, and it continues the cycle. I wish i had better support from her, by making me go first or focusing on me, but i know for this to truly work we need to be sync and it shouldn’t matter who goes first and who doesn’t it’s about enjoying the present

Discovery: best parts are that we are good for each other, and make each other better people.

Dream: excellent sexual relationship. Improved communication. Holidays, house and kids.

Design: Talk about Mojo. Try to have sex more often. Be open to experiment.

Destiny: commit by discussion with partner. Decide on course of action.

Similar interests and finding new things,
Exploring holidays and adventures
Commit a little more and stop having guard up
Affection and reassurance

1: we have fun together, we communicate and work really well together, and we support one another
2: Buying a house, having children, and having a life with time to enjoy our children, live in a community, and be able to enjoy some free time for life giving activities
3: I need to find a new job, and work on my orgasm issues. Some sort of retraining, or at a minimum figuring out what I want to do. I also need to continue on with mojo and therapy in trying to solve my issues.

I have committed to this. My wife fully supports me in this

We work well as a family dynamic, supporting eachother throughout.

We improve our communication and difficult subjects become easier with discussion.

Openness and acceptance needs to happen…tough conversations should be looked out in how we can help eachother.

Will try and approach challenging topics more regularly.

The genuine love we have for each other, when we laugh together, being in bed together. In the future I hope things remain the same and we can start a family. We must continue in the same way and get used to living together. No support is required it’s all on me

Discovery: the best part of being in a relationship to me is how happy you make each other. Once you find your person, you’re not worried about everything else going on outside of your world as much

Dream: we are financially comfortable, and we create the best possible environment for raising our kids, encouraging non-violent communication and meditation

Design: My career is looking good, but I need to continue in my journey of mindfulness, I have a lot of work to do before I would feel comfortable bringing a child into the mix

Destiny: I will continue going to therapy, meditating, and exercising. I think consistency in these areas will be a major key