Answer the 4Ds and share how you’re going to get the bond you want

The communication, adventure and cuddles. That we become short distance and live together. Do I quit my job? :wink: jk, I’ll leave when we’re ready, and we can find somewhere to settle. Trust in the future and destiny

The best parts of my relationship are I feel loved. I feel wanted. And I love her. I love being around her. I dream of being together with her for life. Grow old together. Have a family. Kids. Day-to-day, we will have passionate sex, chill sex, talk, play, go to the gym, work hard professionally. We need to have a long-term plan in order for us to do that. I need the support of therapists, family.

Quality time spent together doing things we both love. Walks, food, new places.
Best future would be to do more of these things I enjoy with someone. Biking, tennis etc. This will build a stronger connection.
Don’t see dates as just a gateway to sex. Get to know someone and find out what they’re interested in.
Support by sharing your vision and beliefs. Don’t follow the crowd, who are all sheeping around.

Discovery - the best part is how she gets me, in the way she texts, in the way she acts at parties, and in the way she’s interested in my life.
Dream - living together, being together some of the time, good natural intuition for each other. Trust that she won’t cheat or divorce without ample warning.
Design - more serious conversations about important things, I think. Joint goals.
Destiny - I think the trust thing is mostly me. Not really sure what this section means.

Discovery is feeling safe and ambitious in and about life.

Dream is having a partner in crime so you know that no matter what sb is on your side and vice versa.

Design is to be open, not shy and conscious about the relationships rather than putting it on autopiltot

Discovery: communication, teamwork, values, love and kindness, friendship, best sex even though it is rare.
Dream: growing together, strengthening connection, sex more often
Design: keep talking and working on the challenges, pray!
Destiny: break it down into steps, design together and seek support from her. Also support from counsellor or therapist

  • The be there for each other and talk over everything, showing here all my love.
  • Spend the rest of my life with here and build a family together
  • talk non stop over everything, be more relaxed, make life decisions for the future
  • that I will get it and I motivate my self as well my girlfriend

Discovery: The feeling of enjoyment in each others presence
Dream: relationships where me and my lovers function as valuable team players for each other: fulfilling desires, supporting emotionally and financially. Making the other better. Making each others lives better. Whatever that may mean.
Design: I need to be clear on and take steps to become a man of great value to women. I need to get clear on how a woman can be of great value to me, so I can choose correctly.
(Continue playfulness, confidence, sense of direction. Work on a well functioning social life, and a well providing career.)
Destiny: convey to myself the magnitude of joy and meaning in the achievement of the goals, and the misery in failure.

Best part is simply being together.
Best future - together, all else pales.
Best design - working on it.

Discovery: we are supportive of each other, equal partners in our daily household functioning and as parents, our love for each other
Dream: building more physical intimacy and not letting the teaks of every day get in the way, helping our children grow into functioning respectful compassionate people, showing our love for each other as fully and comprehensively as possible
Design: more time together, less time on electronics, more physical connections and intimacy, more words of affirmation
Destiny: I need to take more initiative and to take bigger steps to make her feel appreciated, loved, & desired

Best parts: emotional connection, sex (obvs), doing interesting shit together, someone to rely on

Future: a relationship with someone who is interested in me and accepts me for me (and vice versa), someone i can talk to to daily about the shit parts of life and someone I love spending time around and just being near

Design: need to find a cool fucking person

Destiny: met new people through friends or clubs or dating apps and be open to getting to know people and put effort in

Spending time together, having fun being there for each other.

Spending time together and just generally being around each other. Esp when we can get intimate

We now married and have a house, after 10 years together we dream of having healthy kids, this year fingers crossed

Nothing needs to change in particular, the main issue is my on/off ed, this app over the last 2 months has helped alot

I am commited fully to sorting my ed problem out and having the best future with my wife and kids

The connection you have with someone, knowing they’re yours and you’re theirs. The teamwork.

We will be passionate, care about each other, not keep score, help.

Communication and effort from both sides

Both sides to be open and honest