Answer the 4Ds and share how you’re going to get the bond you want

  1. being able to be super comfortable and talk about anything while also being super intense and sexual.
  2. a playful atmosphere where each person is constantly curious and compassionate towards the other.
  3. continue to attune myself to when others are bidding for connection. we’d have to be more open to tough conversation and conflict. We would have to see challenge as an opportunity for growth instead of a put down.
  4. I can commit to being as understanding as possible and always wanting to know more. I can promise to bring a light playful energy. I need a partner that’s willing to receive that and make me feel safe doing goofy shit and support me when things are tough

discovery: best part of the relationship is the reassurance and comfortability of knowing you have someone to support you and pick u up when ur not feeling like doin anything.
dream: best future i can hope for is being able to tell everything and be 100% transparent
design: some steps i need to take to get there are making sure im transparent about my wellbeing and when im in the mood and when im not in the mood, when im sluggish, when im happy and what not.
destiny: ill commit to this by checking in with myself and my mental health and making sure im fully honest with myself as well as the relationship.

Discovery: sharing myself with another, feeling appreciated, laughing together, sexual tension and playfulness, deep conversations

Dream: a deeply loving and connected relationship, with physical, intellectual and spiritual attraction. We will give each other time and space to develop our own interest individually, but we will also dedicate time to just being together, opening emotionally, and discovering sexually. We will keep a clean emotional state by frequently sharing what’s going in on in our inner worlds.

Dream: I need to overcome my desire to be validated by dating many people, and overcome the superficiality of trying to find the person that looks perfectly. I need to understand and process my trauma when it comes up, instead of suppressing it or ejecting from the relationship .

Destiny: I will be very open with the person I am dating from the beginning and whenever things come up.

We can be our real selves - we don’t need to play the game. We see each other deeply and support each others authentic selves, even as they change over time. Even more candid conversation on inner worlds and personal desires. Build the muscle of deep conversation, not always easy after a day of work and life and kids.

Discovery: The best parts are having somebody that you’re attracted to, who’s attracted to you and who you both enjoy spending your time with. And the opportunity for a second chance in life.
Dream: The best future is one were we both enjoy life both together and independently, feel secure and calm in the relationship (including sexually) and that it can continue to grow.
Design: I am really pleased about how accepting, pragmatic and down-to-earth she is. I need to continue to trust her and that everything will work out, and treat this is my default attitude. If things don’t work out, I know that I’ll be okay anyway, so there’s really no point in worrying about such an eventuality if it hasn’t occurred.
Destiny: I need to continue to work on myself - above all, to be calm and accepting of who I am, to continue to validate my sexual pleasure (including being imaginative about sex), and to trust myself to control and work with (rather than expect to completely eliminate) my anxiety in relation to sex.

Discovery: someone who really cares about you and wants you to be an extension of their body - includes you on everything

Dream: someone who understands you, someone who understands themselves, someone who has real goals and is smart about what they want in life, and is smart enough to realize their imperfect past.

Design and destiny: Not everyone is perfect, try my best to eek out the visions in the person to get them where i want. Connecting spiritually through bids of connection will help achieve this collective goal for both people

Discovery - having shared experiences with someone else, someone present to rely on
Dream - love and show interest/affection with my future partner and be present for us both
Design - being more present for friends and family, responding to bids for communication
Destiny - commit and believe in achieving the design goal,

I wat 100% honesty

The best parts of a relationship for me are the closeness and commitment. Id like to raise children one day with a woman whonis committed to living the best life we can as a couple so that we can show our kids how to live a “good life”. To get there communication needs to improve a lot, as well as compassion. To accomplish that? I would say we need to start out having common interests and commit to this as a life… we both need to want it…

My relationship is just about perfect, with the exception of our sex life. I adore my partner and enjoy pretty much every aspect of our life.
The best future I can hope for is a long and healthy one. Ideally one where we get back to having a really hot sex life.
What needs to change is our communication about sex and that goes for both of us.
The way we can do this is just to start - I need to get past the fear or bringing up what I want to have happen.

The best parts of the relationship are that we appear to be both people who value being curious, driven, and excelling at what we choose to do such as our careers, art, and sports. At the same time we also bring differing frames of reference via age, individual skills, and life experiences which I think makes our relationship dynamic. She brings more sexual experience than I do and understands where I stand and where I want to go. I have more life experience in defining my purpose and shape my life and habits to move towards those goals.

The best future I can hope for is for us to have a rich friendship whether platonic or romantic. Where we both feel like we have room to grow while having fun. We will be excited to communicate openly. We continue to share about our loves, dreams, and fears. Be willing to accept one another and challenge our own beliefs. We will spend more time laughing and content rather than in conflict—aim to be a team against conflict.

To get there we need to agree to communicate more honestly and be able to receive feedback that might challenge our world views. We can clearly define boundaries to guide the relationship. For example to not expect a constant communication of text throughout a week since we are both career focused. And to not compromise healthy habits to satisfy another’s habits that are unhealthy to the other. To occasionally share small bits of their life here and there.

To commit this we would need to both agree on what we want to achieve and what rules we need to foster the relationship we want. Support that helps me are code words and willingness to be uncomfortable and to do the unusual that we aren’t taught through pop culture.

More affection. She responded more to my bids. I felt less desperate making bids. Security. Wasn’t perfect but didn’t feel like everything at risk of being yanked away from me. Having a chilled out time together, with a drink or board games or whatever. Planning nice things together. Feeling it was us against the world.

Best future: saving for nice holidays and doing the house up. Planning for good times with family and friends. Enjoying the pets and having more pets when they pass away. Doing more in the local community.

How to get there: tough right now. She needs to feel that whatever broke has been repaired, don’t know how we achieve that. I need to ‘step up’ but it’s a tough call both in terms of how I do that and how she reacts. Planning for a holiday would be good but we need money and she needs to feel things are going well.

Destiny: hopefully we can have a few times that are like last Saturday night but better and she’ll slowly get her head round staying with me.

Discovery: The best parts of relationships is affection and respect. Hugging, hand holding, just general and mutual affection and and a shared respect between both people.

Dream: I’d like for communication to be as good as it can be everyday, I know it won’t be perfect. But for things, whether big or small and good or bad, to be talked about openly and honestly with each other.

Design: I think implementing I statements could be a big help during such discussions to keep things calm, doing so might alleviate any accusatory statements and allow the conversation to occur more calmly.

Destiny: Mutual respect, I am willing to have conversations like this and be open and honest with someone as long as they are willing to do the same with me

Feeling supported

A close connection, where sexual activities flow

Clear communication with partners, practice, focusing on senses and breathing so I can get out of head and into my body

A close bond, with a supportive partner, and continuing my own self development and growth

Having intelligent conversation, laughing, exploring with a sexy bond that is secure. Being able to admire and respect without baggage…
Dream: Being strong independently but inspiring each other to explore and be better in careers, kindness with a future holding unknown possibilities. Being attracted with special moments that are our treasure.

The key for me is making a plan based on this model and sticking to it. My dream is to live and work in Australia, so now is the time to think about design and destiny.

There have been many ups and downs in our marriage. I think we are less emotional now.

Best part for me is filling our love language. Intentionally listening, hearing and seeing each other. Sex is a huge connection.
Day to day activities. Sharing life together. Spending time together and sharing new experiences.
I need to make some changes to current situations, relationships and set some boundaries.
I can let love lead me instead of fear. I can ask for trust, communicate my needs and execute on promises.

I’m single :smiley:

Having someone to tell about all my news, big or small, throughout the day. Someone to hug and kiss.

Loving together, supporting each other, living life together and being there for each other in the golf and bad.

Get a better job. Get a place of my own. Other than that, keep doing what I’m doing and give myself more drive to get there.

I just need her support, and to remain comfortable with myself now too.