Answer the 4Ds and share how you’re going to get the bond you want

Discovery: In the past, talking about shared goals, shared memories, insecuroties, our dreams, new experiences.

Dream: Feeling a seamless bond with someone who is my rock. A deep friendship, kind and loving to my children, constantlyvseeking new expwriences together, a peerless sexual bond and high libido, good finances that allow us to pursue our lifestyle.

Design: Continue self-work, seek new ways to express vulnerability, continue paying iff debt and improving finances, keep developing string parenting skills, stay in good physical health, tell her about my goals and ask if she shares them.

Destiny: Being open, secure, strong, trustworthy and responsible, which will bring up the rest if my loved ones as well.

We’ve been through a tough patch with my health and work, so in the past we used to be very connected, I dream of reigniting those connections and get to know each other again. We need to design more time for each other and communicate more. Destiny I guess is supporting each other and owning our hang ups and worries and sharing them.

Discovery: working towards goals together, solving problems together, discussions various relationships in our lives, exercising

Dream: being connected, playful, affectionate throughout the day. checking in and showing each other that we’re thinking about each other

Design: can get more help with the kids, try to be less busy

Destiny: not sure, might be a long-term goal as the kids get older

Discovery: understanding each other more than we understand ourselves. Kindness, consideration, support. Always looking out for one another regardless of the circumstances

Dream: loving family that encompasses all of the above. Waking up to a smile and cuddle, taking children to school, watching Netflix in the evening, travelling around the world and seeing different sights. A family unit.

Design: I must be more caring & understanding, and move towards as many bids for attention as I can. Must be more forgiving to myself and more present with my partner, don’t worry too much about what’s going on up in my head! Smiling more, experiencing more together, and not being afraid to talk about the happier deeper stuff such as feelings and connection.

Destiny: always being aware and never becoming complacent. If I feel myself slipping back into old habits, meditate particularly on gratitude or something similar. Remember to smile and offer help autonomously wherever possible


Our connection is still very strong with a lot of humour and conversation
Regain the physical connection
Responding to bids more often, show willing to be vulnerable and communicate difficult conversations more often
Have time together each day/night. Commit to me and her time doing or talking about anything

Discovery: We can have fun together, laugh at simple things together, enjoy each other simply by being around each other even though we do different activities. We care about each other and want to support each other.

Dream: A future where we can live together splitting our time together between our two cities and supporting each other’s careers and aspirations while using our love for each other as the foundation.

Design: We need a deeper connection. We both need to want this future together. I need to better read her communication cues and respond deeper to them. Penetrative sex will come too if I can inspire her to help arouse me.

Destiny: Conscious effort on my part to read her cues. Conscious effort to try to get her aroused without seeming like I am being rude or interrupting whatever she is doing or talking about. I need to also have the confidence in how to be myself around her… not change who I am, what I say, how I behave. Just be myself and kindle our flame based on us being ourselves.

We are interested in the same things - in sync
Future we will accept and love more.
Design - to open and love more
Support of conscious beings around us

The best part is to belong to a team. To carry each other forward.
We’ve created a little family and we continue to support each other and find comfort in our little home.
We need to get pregnant and support ourselves through that. And to survive parenthood we need to become even more understanding and supportive.
We might need to get better at trusting ourselves. That things will work out even without us stressing so much.

Discovery: the sex, the activities, the communication.

Dream: one where I have a happy and fulfilled sex life with a woman who I’m attracted to, mutual respect, and curious to know more about each other.

Design: go out and meet women that meet the requirements. Like the sexual chemistry, the expectations in the dynamic, and ability to communicate.

Destiny: I’m committed to it now. I’ve been daily speaking and meeting women most times. Learning from the experiences and growing the dynamic.

Discovery - feeling connected mentally and intimately, being able to talk about everything and be challenged. Just to feel good in being understood and seen.

Dream: to support one another in life, work toward goals, learn through each other, be intimately connected to one another.

Design: to myself be more settled with a stable job and clarity on where I’m headed. To love myself more and do what’s good for me.

Destiny: time, therapy as I seem to have a commitment issue, but feel it’s more to do with not having anything permanent in my life in terms of stability… precarious, so if I feel empowered that can knock onto other things like relationships. I need a partner who I can lean on too but who equally calls out the crap. A strong woman.

Discovery: the connection we have together

Dream: She takes care of my kids and i finacially and sexually take care of her

Design: Being very sexual active (daily ideally)

Destiny: I need a program like this to help

Discovery: the best parts of a relationship is the companionship you form with your partner.
Dream: The best future I can hope for is having a relationship where we have sex about 2-3times a week for decades.
Design: Continuing to perform the exercises in these courses and applying them to real life scenarios.
Destiny: By finishing this course and saving the information that is very helpful for me.

How much we care and love each other and the ways we express that when we’re together and apart. Real genuineness

Marriage, kids, travel. Creating an extremely strong bond and moving through any problems with clarity and resolve

Continued commitment and growth for each other. Support and building

Just continuing as is and building together. Reaffirming and keeping the relationship alive even when it falls short

Discovery: That she is so clever and interesting to talk too. That she is really funny, often without realising it. That she is pretty supportive of problems that I have generally.; guess that is why I should trust her with sharing about my ED!

Dream: Better romantic connection together; more touching and kind words. She tends to more show her emotions through actions than words.

Design: Guess I need to tell her again what I need emotionally, then ask her what she wants to see change. I do get the feeling she is holding back sometimes.

Destiny: Talk openly and maybe schedule some periodic discussion about how we are doing towards that. I think she actually might be up for that.

As a single

Discover: Companionship, someone you can share anything with, affection

Dream: Making time for each other, prioritizing each other, vacationing, not worrying about money

Design: Commitment, communication skills, maturing, therapy

Destiny: Get some life experience, get good friends, get into a relationship

Discovery: I want a true partnership. One where we both make each other better and encourage each other to be the best version of ourselves.
Dream: I want a relationship where we are both wildly into each other. Where we never settle into just being friends. A relationship where sex and variety is a means of becoming closer.
Design: look for ways to actively communicate those desires. Point out issues early on
Destiny: my partner needs to be want to focus on communication. Look for signs of turning towards bids for attention while dating. Don’t ignore red flags

Discovery: We have fun together, we both love travelling, we both love our food, we have similar humour. We are both empathic, loving and affectionate.

Dream: To have our own business, be in control of our work/life balance, start a family.

Design: Put ideas into practise, save money to get ideas off the ground, do more research.

Destiny: Our family and our drive to suceed.

The best part of a relationship is feeling loved and having someone to share your life with.

The best future I can hope for is reaching all of my goals within my career and being able to overcome my erection issues fully.

I need to keep working hard at my job. I need to continue with mojo and probably chat with a professional.

I need support from my right hand man at work to continue to succeed. I need support from professional and I need to continue to support myself.

  1. I think the best part of a relationship is connecting with someone on a deeper level than you do with anyone else.

  2. Having someone to share my life with. Children at some point. making spending time together effortless than an actual chore. Build a strong connection.

3.i feel like in order to achieve this , I need to work on my confidence and self trust first. I have been struggling with this all my life and I tend to get quite needy at times. I was in therapy for a minute but I gotta work on this my self now too.
I thought my best friend would be the ideal partner for me and took a shot at it but she was not interested in me thay way so that set me back quite a bit, but i am working on it to bounce back. hopefully save the friendship too as its a bit rocky at the minute

4 I started exercising and training martial arts, trying to eat right, this course seems to be helping with all the meditations as well. just need to keep at it and the right person will come along. I did a bit of therapy, but for now I need to keep working at it alone. I learned there is no shame in asking for help so if I struggle I can go back to that for a bit.