Answer the 4Ds and share how you’re going to get the bond you want

Discovery-being with someone who makes me feel like a better person and brings me up better than I actually am. I really enjoy the time we spend together and I only want more of it. My wife is extremely driven and smart
Dream a future with children and a more consistent sex life and closeness when it comes to sex. Where I can communicate effectively and both of our needs are met consistently
Design- rekindling our flame, working on our communication and working towards a more stable and loving future where we can handle this together
Destiny- we will get through this and we will get stronger and we will both communicate our needs and desires. This is truly temporary and we will work through this

dream: she is it

discover: she is it.
dream: fun in bed…
design: me working on PE…
destiny: this site has helped

We are completely open and still totally in love after 28 years

The senses of togetherness
to have that feeling again
star a new relationship! - but maybe be more aware of bids with general family and friends
take each day as it comes perhaps start to notice potential relationships and not avoid them

Happy with how my life and relationships are going. Could possibly be more selective with choice of partners.

Be authentic be bold be curious.

Open discussions about things that ere both good and bad in our relationship keep things on a good keel.
A future with honesty and trust gets built on a foundation of understanding and a desire to make each other happy and fulfilled
More confidence in ourselves and our ability to change bad behaviour patterns will design a better future
Continued openness and understanding of eachnothers needs will get us there

-Laughing, cuddling, talking about life, adventures, and just simple time together.
-See above.

  • I need to let go of some remaining anxiety caused by the last girl.
    -No idea! Just going day by day, and working thru this app. Talking with friends has helped a ton.

This is a tough one. To look at the future and see what you want. What if she does not want to it… it is okay. Wants and dreams change to fit the situation and reality. As working toward a dream, I might find a better one with my partner that I did not expect

Best parts: feeling seen, cared for, listened to
Dream: we become best friends and we can lean on each other in good and bad times.
Design: being more open, expressing my thoughts and feelings more.
Destiny: decide that this is something we want, do something everyday to help us get there

Openness, communication, respect, loyalty and trust. We are a great team!

Dream: Affectionate love couple naturally, increase intimacy x2. Look for those bids.

Design: I can probably tone down my affection seeking. She can seek more affection I would love that.

Destiny: My wife being open to it, which I know she will be she’s is open to a lot I bring up and want to see changes in our relationship.

Discovery: our sexual encounters, our shared jokes, and that we both want to “be better”for each other.

Dream: a best future is to be financially comfortable, happy with each other as we don’t resent each other or get mad easily, and of course, regular good sex sessions.

Design: I need to address my own issues as he is addressing his. This is a mutual effort that I want to solve organically than just take a pill to fix. Therapy and following these plans and processes can and will help me.

Destiny: I need support from my partner to make it happen, but I will most certainly need a compentent therapist who can help me more.

Discovery: Creative flow- being able to have common goals and ideologies and work towards achieving those goals

Dream: Achieving those goals together

Design: I think I need to be better overall in my communication with people. I need to show ppl more that I care about them. I need to be more responsive.

Destiny: asking them what they feel I can do better communication wise and be able to implement that

Discovery: the best part of relationships are being able to be yourself, be weird, be loved, be touched, intimately connect and be there for them for anything.

Dream: the best future I could hope for is having a genuine emotional, spiritual and physical connection . Having a purpose and having goals to work towards together within and outside the relationship is ideal for me.

Design: I need to manage my thoughts/emotions better and embody confidence to display my true self everyday (aka love myself) and also be more sympathetic and caring for my future partner since all I feel like I do is worry about myself.

Destiny: the support I would need to accomplish this future is to improve myself and all other areas of my life. Obviously there are struggles in other areas of life but if I can stay true to myself and others everyday, I believe I can achieve this future.

Discovery: having someone to spend time with, I enjoy the sex when you really get the person.

Dream: waking up, morning sex, and going to work absolutely buzzing

Design: take more risks , just got for it - put these exercises into practice and not live in fear

Destiny: more self Belief

Discovery: I am dating a strong successful woman who I met recently. There is no drama, everything seems to be healthy and normal.

Dream: I would like to habe kids with that person, adventures, a healthy sex life and build a life together.

Design: I need to work on myself, be honest with her, communicate and work on a “we” rather than “I”.

Destiny: I am commited. I have to keep doing the things I am doing.

The best parts of a relationship are being at peace, together, with someone else. Feeling generally and genuinely fulfilled in your situation wit them. Being and feeling sexy together, having good sex, exploring the world together.

I need to open myself up more, stop being anxious about my psychological erection issues and explore more

The best thing is communication.
We will talk about everything as much as possible.
Never stop responding to bids for connection.

The friendship we’ve developed and nurtured over the past 20 years through good times and bad.

I want to be in a place where we’re secure financially and emotionally. I still have abandonment issues so I need to work on that.

We’ve worked really hard to be aware of each other’s needs and love languages and have made great strides.