A good night sleep gives me great morning erections

Like title says “a good night sleep” gives me better morning erections, also if I have moved my body a lot a day before. Eg, if I have completed 15k+ steps.

Great sleep puts me in great mood, I get strong morning woods, I get out of my bed happy, and happiness is a key! Everything else is like a domino effect.

I’m currently working on having a good schedule around sleep, would appreciate your guys suggestions. My goal is to sleep 7-8hrs every night. I try to go to bed by 10pm and wake up at 5.30am, this gives me 7.30hrs of sleep, but I fail most of the days by going to bed around midnight because of house chores like dishes or late dinner.


I tend to agree on both accounts.

I’ve been a bit of a no sleep night owl my whole life and didn’t feel the effects of this behavior in the bedroom until after we had 3 kids. Then the nights of 4 hours of sleep turned to weeks of 1 hour nights or less plus stress minus physically activities, it definitely takes a toll.

Trying to reverse these habits hasn’t been easy but exercising, playing sports with the kids and doing everything else I can to burn out excess energy helps.