Zyn and nicotine

I highly suspect starting nicotine pouches again has played a huge role in ED. I quit months ago and about a week later libido and morning wood returned. I started again two weeks ago and nothing. It definitely affects my libido and is probably a huge cause of this. I have stopped again 3 days ago and hoping for fast returning functionality.


Almost certainly true. My understanding is that nicotine is a vasoconstrictor and sympathomimetic agent. It would likely limit erections by at least 2 separate pathways. I’d have to open up my old lectures to know for sure but this seems right.

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My personal experience, quit smoking and vaping and just avoid nicotine completely. As we age, we no longer process nicotine in our bloodstream like how it was when we were younger. One of the key contributor for ED… and, most, if not all doctors, will agree to this.

The conclusion is simple. Choose 1 and only 1. Nicotine or a Rock-Solid Dick…

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