Whatever your relationship status, how do you feel about discussing your erection issues with a partner?

Okay now, still a little aware I don’t like to talk about it because that means it has happened again but she is very understanding.

Would love much… But my partner never wants to hear anything about it. She thinks i should be man enough to handle my erection. Its a difficult topic to handle with her. She feel that am seeing another woman reason why i can’t get it up and its normally stresses me up and tenses me much

Actually…this seems doable. I can be open and clear about this, but also, there is way less performance anxiety now. Since the only expectation is “feeling good”, the “target” to define such a successful intimate encounter becomes much larger and easier to hit.

I am afraid… Not only of their reaction but about possibly gossiping it to their friends…

I feel very nervous about it

We are fully open about it now, had to, its been going on for too long that I had to own it

OK. As a gay couple there’s already a good understanding that sometimes getting hard takes longer or doesn’t happen. I guess that means there’s less fear of judgement.

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It feels like something I would have to bring up eventually rather than avoiding it & waiting until it happens. I feel like I can talk about it and feel heard but I also feel like it might steer someone away b/c it’s complicated

I have had a few casual situations with girls who I feel are pretty understanding so I have said about my issues. They have always been really nice about it , sometimes it catches me of guard as I am probably harsher on myself than what they are!

It’s uncomfortable and embarrassing

It seems really embarrassing for me and I think it’s the hardest part of my experience because I haven’t really told anybody I have this problem

It’ been going on for a couple years (we’re married) so my comfort level has gone up then down. It’s harder when I feel like our relationship isn’t doing well. But I do notice that our intimacy improves when we discuss it without it feeling like our relationship is in the balance

It is hard at first, but after I’ve done it, I realised my partner does not give so much importance to that like I used to do and I felt instantly a sense of getting rid of a big burden on my shoulders. Communication after that improved massively between us

It makes sense to talk about ED early on to pave the way for more difficult conversations later on.

Didn’t do it at first, hid it. But it’s been happening all my life it’s unavoidable. I have been married for 20 years and we’ve had plenty of sex but now we know that it’s a thing that we need to work through together.

I am happy to discuss my erection difficulties

It sure is stressing. You just don’t expect girls to understand it. The first thing you think is ‘‘she will say I dont like her’’ or ‘‘she will say I am not a man’’. But you can also be surprised to know that a lot of them are really understanding and are even willing to help.

My partner knows bc I got ED while with her… there’s not rly much to say at this point bc we know I’m not a great performer rn.

If we break up at some point and i look for new partners, I’ll be a bit worried about telling them. I’m currently in college, and I don’t want it going around the school that I have ED. How do other ppl navigate this?

It definitely helps to talk about. Best not to leave an elephant in the room if it happens.

I always try to be open with my partner about my issues. It’s hard because it feels as if it is my fault our sexual relationship is failing currently