Whatever your relationship status, how do you feel about discussing erection issues or early climax with a partner?

My new partner and I discusssed it and it did happen during our first attempt. She was so open and comforting about it. It made me feel safe and cared for. We did some other things and tried again a few hours later and it was like fire works. 10/10. Be open and honest! The right person will be okay and healing for you

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All about communication - I want to try it more with my partner who can also be shy

It’s a difficult conversation, for sure, but she’s brought it up in the past and I had to own it. It helps to be open about it, to tell her it’s not her fault in any way, and to assure her that I’m working on it.

I am hesitant to bring it up before one night stands but should probably do it anyways so that they know I’m excited for it and still want a good sexual experience. I am going to bring it up with my fwb though.

I feel ashamed.