What’s the first scene in your erotic bank?

The cheeks of a pornstar in doggie style

The mental mass of my partner looking at me while deep throats my penis on her knees

Seeing my ex girlfriend at the beach, her legs wide open, her pussy all exposed, tits getting some sun, while I crawl towards her, with my dick like a rock. I climb on top of her and my dick slides easily inside her and we fuck on top of a towel, un this remote beach. And this actually happened.


Fantasy is great. Just a little unsure on how to use it in sex with my partner. I’m definitely willing to try though!

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Love some fantasy but got to let the fantasy take over a little to block the bad thoughts

One of my biggest fantasies was for my partner kneeled down giving me a deepthroat blow job while Im sstanding and without interruption walking a few steps back while she continues giviing head following me…

This in particular turns me on, but I notice when I fantasize my imagination goes blank quiclky and my fantasy fades away with other thoughts. I find it hard to fantasize for a long period of time

My fantasy is being in a mirror room going for it doggy style.

Was on a nude beach with my girlfriend, she pulled me behind a dune and we had sex, the sound of the crashing waves in time eh my thrusting, the sun and
ocean breeze on my back.

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Eating and breeding the perfect hairy bubble butt

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Watching her masturbate while looking into my eyes

My wife asking me to play with her anus

I’m sometimes afraid that using fantasy is the same as using porn. Especially cause I fantasize about porn or seksual experiences. And my fantasies can be pretty strong and vivid…

So how is it different from watching porn.

I’m talking about masturbating by the way. So solo

Laying a woman on her back with her head tilted slightly back and her letting me have sex with her mouth with lots of slobber and spit.

The chick I’m seeing at the moment giving me a sloppy blowjob while looking me in the eyes and us going back and forth with some obedience dirty talk.

This just happened… my girlfriend and I were kissing passionately and when she realized I was hard , she unbuttoned my shorts, dropped to her knees and started giving me an amazing blow job, which was so erotic and hot because I wasn’t expecting it so early in our encounter. OMG

Dominating: spreading her legs wide, holding her down against the bed, gripping her ass and hips hard

I never really thought about fantasizing to increase my sexual drive, but am willing to give it a try. I picture my wife playing with my penis until it’s rock hard and then having her mount me until I cum.