What’s the first scene in your erotic bank?

Remembering an old crush I had and one specific scene where she was bending over and her ass looked great. But I’m taking it further, and now I imagine what could have happened if I got closer at that moment, and seduced her, knowing that she also desired me.

Having sex with my co workers in various areas of of the work place

Blow job with intense eye contact

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Cumming in her panties

I’m a gay boy that pretty much gets hard right away when I get touched by a straight guy … could use a little more work on my end to get hard from my partner.

Fucking my ex’s best friend on the edge of the bed while we look out on the city below and the party carries on in the next room

Getting encouraged by my friend’s wife to stroke her legs and feet at a secluded spot in her car. Gradually moving on to sucking her sexy toes and fucking her raw until I cum inside her.

Reenacting a real life event at a sauna on vacation

Pretending that I am having sex with a very sexy porn star

Eating out this girl.that used to trade me

Truth and Dare games is something that gets me every time.

A pornstar sucking my dick and spitting a lot on it, stroking it with both hands and looking at me in the eyes

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Holy shit!!
My clock got hard pretty quick imagining something

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Having a guy cum on my cock and wanking with his cum as lube.

Fucking some of my female teachers and hear them screaming my name and telling how hot I am and how wet my dick make them feel.

Her blowing me and maintaining eye contact and telling her how pretty she is and how good she’s doing :drooling_face:

Fucking a guy and using his cum as lube

I like the idea of formulating a fantasy and being able to activate it when you need to so you are in the mood for sex.