What is your inner coach like?

My inner coach is like a football coach on the sideline with his arm round me slapping my chest saying that I’m unbeatable. My inner critic sulks off like a pathetic cartoon character once the coach stands up for me.

My inner critic is in the front of my head making me look at a flacide penis. My inner coach is just making the inner critic busy so he doesn’t speak to me, that way he’s occupying is position in the front of my head with a gentle glow.

My inner critic coach and compassionate coach work together. They don’t fight because we are both equally part of the same person. The critic is much more connected with fear. I felt my lower abs/gut tense with pain. I’m scared of sex. Scared to vulnerable, underperform or just hurt.

He’s a stud. Speaks life 100% of the time. Most importantly for me he reminds me of my wins especially in the bed room.

Inner critic: it’s not going to work
Inner coach: it will work if you aren’t around!

Oddly enough. My response to my critic did sound like me. Made me feel a little confident just off the bat. Will be interesting what the this exercise practiced over time can do

I went for two characters of one of my favorite childhood movies, “The Neverending Story:” the Gmork (inner critic) and Falkor the Luck Dragon (inner coach). LOL. But it helped me visualize and sending very positive messages through Falkor to the evil BS the Gmork was spewing at me.

My inner critic and inner coach are both me. But my inner critic is angry, jealous, dark, cynical. My inner coach is me in my best moments, calm, firm, upright and shoulders square. The inner critic says that i cant do it and should stop trying, and the inner coach reminds me that i have done it, and have done it recently.

I imagined the inner critic and coach like a devil and angel standing on either shoulder. The critic was telling me how this course won’t work and the next time I have sex it will end in disappointment and I’ll give up on the course. The coach replied with saying that I’m already more confident and that I have tools now at my disposal

Inner critic says it is going to fail again next time like before. Inner coach says, it got hard with oral and you were able to maintain and erection on the doggystyle position. This struggle might be due to SAD and this can hold you over until longer days.

He looks like like me but with a kind of cowboy hat and a whistle.
He reminded my inner critic that although yes sex is approaching and it didn’t work last time, there’s no reason it won’t work this time as I’m actually doing something about it.
He’s reminding me it takes a strong man to do something about his TEMPORARY issues.

My inner couch sometimes appears as my older brother, when he was younger and I was a kid :))))

My inner critic says that I’m going to go soft no matter what, my inner coach says I’ve had great sex in the past and will have great sex in the future as well. I am good at sex.

My inner coach and inner critic are just two different versions of myself, dressed differently, and acting differently. The inner critic is a very firm presence, no facial expressions, very rigid movements, and stands tall and authoritative. The inner coach is a much more relaxed figure, very smooth movement, encouraging smile and speaks a lot with his hands and posture, taking as much space as possible. The inner critic is showing him my defeats and failures on a block note while the inner coach is holding a beer and replies to every one of them, when he speaks he has my voice but the attitude of my best friend

coach was the right side of my brain the critic was the left. The coach was my voice when i am confident and shutting down other peoples arguments, i smiled whenever he spoke.

My coach was resoundingly positive and reminded me that there I’m entirely capable of having sex and that there is nothing wrong with me physically. The inner critic had no real response to this.

inner critic: you are too damaged to make this up
inner coach: nope, you did it once and you can do it again:
I.critic: yeah but that was like centuries ago, you are not that young
I.coach: no you are that young, you had an erection this morning. and you will make it!

My inner coach is a loyal wolf who protects me and counters my inner critic a rabid fox

Mean, told me that it’s happend so many times it’s going to keep happening. The coach said that slump is over my boy here has this

I imagined my inner critic as a small man pointing at me and laughing telling myself that I can’t stay hard while I imagined my coach as the biggest and most positive guy I could think of, shaq! My coach helped me with a comeback saying that I have past and told him to leave but my inner critic kept coming back. I’m not sure if I defeated him today but I will soon