What is your inner coach like?

You are the failure not him

You are not good enough. But you’ve been good enough plenty of times.

My inner critic warned me that I’ll finish way too early no matter what I do. My coworkers h present evidence that I have not always had this problem.

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Your body is capable when your mind is at ease.

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Critic said you’re going to disappoint your partner by not being able to preform penetrative sex. Coach said that he’s made women orgasm before and can do so again.

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My inner coach was my father who has passed, he reminded the inner critic about my endowment, gifts and abilities, in the face of the inner critic emphasis on safety and protection. I noticed the different tones and approaches from the inner critic. Absolute. Resolute. And the inner coach pointed out the many times I had overcome things. Excelled. That he had been proud.

The critic said I was not a man if I was not able to perform. But my coach said you are the best man she has ever meet.


This exercise was mind blowing! My inner coach was John Goodman “Yeah boy! We got this!”

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My inner critic was saying “You’re not a real man if you can’t get big and hard for the lady.” My inner coach was saying “Don’t listen to that dude— you’re a heroic man for facing your insecurities and defeating them. This consistent commitment shows your love for your wife way more than effortless, automatic boners. Now, each erection is a result of a labor of love.”


Inner critic was saying I won’t be able to orgasm while have having sex with my partner. The inner coach was my own voice when I’m feeling confident, stepped up and said “we’re going have fun either way!” critic responded “not if you’re can’t cum inside.” Coach stood up for me and said "we can keep having fun and we will get to release while doing it ".

My inner critic said I wasn’t going to be able to perform. My inner coach had full confidence in me and encouraged me to believe in myself.

Critic said you can’t do it

Coach said you’re built different dog

Goku Black And Goku SS God fought a legendary battle, but Black was defeated.

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Inner critic said I’d never be able to get and stay hard and never have even able to… the coach said he was insane, I’m rock hard every morning and it’s just because I let him inside my head that I have problems

My helpful Viking friend, came along all bing smiles and bluster. Making me feel strong but supported mentally, stood by my side hand on my shoulder. Telling me all the positives I bring to the people in my life, my brother in arm who’ll always be there when I call.

My inner critic tried to tell me how I was less of a man for struggling that I couldn’t get hard even if I wanted to but my inner coach was my wife a woman who has had my back since day one and has supported me through this whole problem she fought back with me helped me stand tall and know that I’m more of a man than my critic would ever be that I have had sex with no help before and I will be there again

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Inner critic says you can’t get hard and that sex isn’t something you can partake in. However, my coach reminded me that my partner loves me and is sensitive to my situation and chooses me anyhow.

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My inner critic says an erection is a trait of a strong man. This undoubtedly adds more pressure and increases the negative consequences for times that I don’t stay hard. My inner coach reminded me that by being open to sexual encounters and being sensitive to my partner is a sign of strength in a person, not simply an erection.

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The inner critic brought images iof my partner ready for me to be hard and I was soft. My critic said common. This is pathetic. My coach said Hey motherfucker this guy has had a lot of really good sex. Let him do it. Critic says but its not working. Coach says it will. It always does every single time. He will have amazing sex.

My critic keeps trying to tell me there is something wrong with me. My coach tells me there is nothing wrong with me, that I am a capable and valuable person.