What does the shame of having ED feel like for you?

How would you describe any personal experience of shame around ED? Do you feel it in your body?

Something heavy on chest after imagining

Pressure in my bladder like I have to pee. And weird sensation and shaky hands

Tension and discomfort in my stomach and chest

Tension in my gut, and just an overall heavy feeling.

Sweating and a knot in my stomach. Rapid breathing

short breath and weird feeling in my stomach

It made me feel a bit sick

Makes me feel sick

I could feel my breath shifting from a deep belly-breath to a tighter chest-breath with the added feeling of pressure on my chest. I honestly thought shame wasn’t a big part of it, just the relaxing bit for me - but as I felt me dick shrivel up and get smaller I understood that, yes shame is a part of it. I guess now I have to start working on it…

A kind of moving, shuddering feeling in my chest. Perhaps also something knotted up in the chest.

sweaty palms, pressure on the chest

heavy chest, heavy emotions washing over me, teary eyes

Tightening up hunched shoulders repressing breathing

Feeling stupid and helpless

It feels like I’m drowning, just that gutter alike.

Its a heavy and warm feeling on my stomach and chest

Tightening in chest. Felt like breathing and heart were going faster.

Similar feeling to when I have to do a presentation at work. Like a sharp ache in my stomach

flush in the face, frightened