What do you think about pelvic floor exercises?

It seems that Loosening pelvic floor can be done by attending yoga classes.
Strengthening seems to have helped reducing my need to pee in the middle of the night.
Any body feel the same about my 2 comments?

Feels kinda good. like not sexually, but just physically.

Nice, i think I was doing kegels wrong before

I really think they might work. I really felt in the moment while doing them

Definitely a help something I want to add to a daily routine.

It’s difficult to know if I’m actually getting them correct. The clench is pretty clear but the lift is a bit ambiguous. It can feel like lower abs though it lifts the tackle so I assume that’s correct.

I found the two exercises exactly the same. Am I doing them right?

I recently took a pilates class with my girlfriend, and have since noticed my ED issues got worse. After watching the pelvic floor exercises videos, I’m willing to bet that part of it is having tight pelvic floor muscles. I look forward to doing more of those stretches and seeing if my symptoms improve.

I’m not convinced I’m doing them correctly but I’ll keep trying to give it a go.

Feels tingly. Definitely have trouble holding the pelvic floor. So that could definitely be a sign of weekness? Don’t know yet but will find out. Very hopeful

Im struggling to figure out if I’m actually clenching correctly at the moment

I have been doing them for years, but not been consistent lately. When I used to do it regularly on a daily basis, building up reps, I noticed my stamina in sex was way better and helped me a lot controlling and delaying as much as I wanted the ejaculation and keeping doing sex with my partner even when I was too close, just edging. It is sort of the idea of male multiple orgasms in the end, because you get very close to it, almost feeling it but being able to stop it at the very last moment just tightening your pelvic floor. I personally think kegels are amazing!

I honestly thought pelvic floor issues were mostly a thing that women experienced, not men.
Once again goes to show that men don’t really talk about these kind of things (especially ED).

It does make sense though, I’m quite active and stretch on a daily basis, but haven’t tried some of these pelvic floor stretches, so it will be nice to give it a go to see.

I have been doing these for several weeks now and have noticed there is a sensation in the pelvic floor.

I didn’t realise that the muscle I’ve been controlling was my pelvic floor! I’m ready to strengthen it mlre

I have practiced these before to help with rapid ejaculation. They work really well when I’m masturbating, a little bit harder to do during sex.

Unsure if I’m doing it correctly

Some things that were said really do resonate with me, I can see how it will help to do the stretches. Didn’t realise I need to exercise that area. Will try to do them most days as part of a routine.


I will stick with it for two months