What do you think about during the Anxiety-busting meditation?

Meditating has been hugely useful for me and the techniques I’ve learned from this part of the course have already made an unbelievable difference. So much so that the performance anxiety that had been causing me problems is now, basically, gone. I didn’t expect such a dramatic improvement so quickly and I actually don’t feel like I need to continue. But I will, to make sure that I don’t allow my brain to sabotage sex again, and because of the added benefits to my mental health.

More present in my present moment

I try to think about the sensations in my body and try to be more present. when you’re stuck in your head it feels like you’re not in your body.

I have been meditating for years to help calm the mind. During this specific meditation I used it more as a visualization to see myself getting an erection during sex and really focusing on the feeling and sensation of having sex with a good strong erection. It’s a good practice I will start to mix in with my normal meditation.

I found myself planning activities when my mind wandered. Thinking about things I have to do. I felt more relaxed and less anxious about sex or getting an erection.

I think it helps to reduce anxiety and increase confidence level

Definitely is easing my mind about erection problems

Some thoughts about sexual encounters and me automatically feeling negatively, but by challenging it I feel able to create some distance with those thoughts

This meditation helped ease my mind about sex, making me realize my thoughts aren’t true. I felt a shift when the narrator said “your mind is not a useful partner.” I want to have sex with my wife and act this mindfulness out in the moment

i thought about how much i’ve improved since i started this program and it made me very happy that i’m getting these results. when i first started i was hopeless and thought nothing will work but i’ve given this program my all and now i feel more confident and more in tune with my body. i feel less anxious after the meditations.