What affirmations work for you?

Working together
He never lets me down

We are in this together and we will succeed together.

We’ve had some wild rides my friend! I know you’re a badass, it’s me and you no matter what.

I am proud, we are one, together their are brighter days ahead. Almost a morale booster from this exercise

“We will get through this”
“You are adequate”

We will work this out. We will get where we should be. It’s not your fault.

We’ve been through a lot together, some great times and there’s more to come

She loves the way you feel inside her. We are a team and you’re doing great!

There’s nothing wrong with you! I can see it now, you’re so ready! You’re my teammate. I’ll let you know when it’s game time. But right now you need to chill!

You are a part of me, you never mean to embarrass me. We are working on this together.

We are worthy, we are confident, you don’t mean to embarrass me but we’re working through it

it reminded me that my soft penis is just like any other part of my body that needs to be loved

1- I am going to get better and make you work
2- I have a good size penis, no need to be any different
3- Stop wanting to be erected just to prove yourself because for the last year, whenever I needed it worked

None. Words don’t change reality for me.

well get through this together

We’ve got this

One day, together, we will learn to fly, but first we come to know each other. We will learn together just how to thrive.

I talk to it like my friend and be kind and supportive.

Reminding myself how much the women in my life appreciated it. Even bragged to their friends

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You are part of me