What affirmations work for you?

You’re part of me. We got this. We will figure this out

I actually did these in front of my wife. It felt ridiculous and silly, and we both had a good laugh, but it felt disarming. Like, if I can stoke my flaccid penis and verbalize dick-affirmations in front of her, being able to relax during sex should be a piece of cake.

You and me… we are going to achieve great things!

We are made to please ourselves
We got this

im happy how you are

We’re are in this together, just a bump in the road, it’s normals,

That I’m normal and that I can give anyone a good time, and that a good time is not based on size, but how I wield my penis

We are being proactive about this now. We are working on this together.

We can do this together. Your body is perfect as it is. Everything is okay

Everything is fine, now we’re working to find a solution- mommy will be pleased soon don’t worry too much

This is all going to work out. you want this

We’re the same guy

I need to give myself a break. If conditioned myself to excess stimulus and it’s an issue with me physically, rather I just need to learn to just enjoy.

I’m gonna give you what you need.

You’re looking good.

Let’s do this.

We are a team together, you are my sword, we always go trough anything together, hang in there I am coming for you

We’re on the right track.

Talking to my penis during soft play as day 4. Telling it to stay hard.

You really are a great looking cock-thick too. All the boys love you!

We will get there

I thought of two imaginary characters. One was an alpha male bouncer dude who was my mate and kept kicking out the inner critic whenever he arose. The one was some hot sensual babe - sort of like a sexy friend who comforted me and helped me focus on my body. Sure it was a bit silly but much better than the alternative I had before which was just the inner critic.