We're stopping live meditations and Ask-an-Expert sessions

Hi all,

We have learnt so much from hosting our live sessions. Thank you to everyone who has attended them over the last few months. Sadly we’ve found that in their current form, the live sessions aren’t scaling well. In light of that, we decided to stop live meditation and Ask-an-Expert sessions - the final ones were 7th & 8th September 2021.

We know a lot of guys find these kinds of sessions can make a big difference, and understand removing them isn’t something to be taken lightly. Mojo’s purpose is to do the most good for the most guys, and we’re still a very small team, so we have to focus our time really carefully and sometimes that means making difficult decisions like this.

We’ve been thinking a lot about new ways to bring the same value to the community so that it can be accessed by everyone, regardless of timezones! We don’t have any specific plans for future live meditations, but we’re thinking about bringing Ask-an-Expert to the community in an AMA-esque form - no promises, but maybe you’ll see something in a few months.

We also wanted to give a huge thank you to our psychosexual therapists, Magda and Silva, and our meditation coach, Mike, for running these sessions. They have done an incredible job and hopefully you’ll be seeing them in new content soon…

We’re currently working with Mike on some new mental health content which we’re super excited about. Hopefully we’ll have some early previews to share in the coming months.

If you’re interested in giving us feedback you can:

  • contact us or sign up for user research sessions at support@mojo.so
  • leave us a comment below

~ The Mojo team (aka the Mojitos)

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