We're shutting down Mojo Coaching

Hi Mojo Members,

Hope you’re all doing well!

We wanted to let you know that we will be shutting down Mojo Coaching at 00:01 on Friday 23 July 2021 (BST).

Our goal at Mojo is to package up expert support in an easy to understand and accessible way to help as many men as possible. We started this because there wasn’t one platform that had all the answers, and we knew first-hand how expensive and inaccessible getting them could be.

We are proud that our world class coaches have been able to support men across the globe. But we are only a small team, so for now we must close down Mojo Coaching to give us more time to focus on our core content and make Mojo the best it can be.

If you use Mojo Coaching or have an upcoming session:

You will receive an email with all of the coaches’ contact information. This way, you can still access sessions you have already booked and get the support you need going forward.

If you’re interested in giving us feedback you can:

  • contact us or sign up for user research sessions at support@mojo.so
  • leave us a comment below


Mojo Team

So I paid for a couching session tomorrow. Is it still on? Or will I receive a refund ?

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Hi there,

Any existing bookings you currently have made will be unaffected - so you will still be able to speak to your coach.


Mojo Team