The choice for meds

Quick question for you boys. Has anyone been able to get off of ed meds with this app? Ik for most of the reasons you need meds is more of a health issue then a psychological one like this is supposed to help with but I’m juts wondering if this program has helped to that extent. I’d really like to do everything the natural way and try to solve the main issue but I’m also worried about if I take something a couple times juts to help out until I’m further along in this program if that’ll mess me up even worse.


I take cialis even though I know my issue is not physical. It still gives me a little more confidence. The way I see it, the more positive sexual experiences I have, the better. In the past I’ve used it and then tapered off it when I’ve felt less anxious.

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This has been my exact journey. I used Cialis, and thought it was the answer, but then it worked less well, and so I joined mojo, and then the reality struck… the biggest issue is psychological.
Mojo has helped me massively… but I still take the odd Cialis if I’m feeling less confident that day… or if it’s going to be a “busy” weekend.
Cialis does have a physical effect, and I really like how it makes me feel, I think it makes my erections just that bit harder… but I’m also in my 60s so… why the hell not get some extra ooomph…
But I say again… I needed to get my head right first… and mojo helps