SSRIs and sexual issues

I have been on fluoxetine for roughly 7 years and hadn’t cared about sexual side effects until I was late teens. I now am almost off of it and have realized because of the ssri making me have so many experiences where I can’t get hard and lack of libido I don’t trust that i can do it on my own now. I already had to take a viagra and honestly don’t feel anything during sex. It’s like numb. That in turn make it’s hard to stay erect even with a beautiful naked women right in front of me. I get so anxious i have no sex drive and I get turned off overall to the point where i usually give up. I have little problems maintaining an erection while masturbating to my gfs pictures but in person i can’t even get turned on. Please help me anything will help.

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Hi, Matt from Mojo here.

Really sorry to hear about how these issues have been affecting you! It can be difficult to have good sexual experiences coming off medications like SSRIs that have libido-related side effects. In your case, the fact that these issues manifest more in person suggests that there is a psychological component - it’s normal to struggle with confidence or pressure to ‘perform’.

Many of Mojo’s exercises are specifically targeted at regaining confidence and getting in touch with your body. Sex therapy can be another really good way to get helpful support and turn things around.