Situational performance anxiety

The whole situation of what if she reaches for my penis and I can’t get hard, what if she’s trying to give me a blowjob and I can’t get hard , what if I try to penetrate her and I’m not hard enough, then it snowballs

I struggle if there is any delay or change In the situation, so if we have to move from the living room to the bedroom etc. I also constantly think when I am hard that I have to get started before it goes down which forces me inside my own head

Transitioning from foreplay to my girlfriend on top typically makes me lose my erection.

My sex with my wife is very direct, so it’s during the brief foreplay, if I am not hard quickly it triggers anxiety and its downhill from there

I definitely have a narrative that condoms are the biggest erection killer. I rarely have problems when not using condoms, but when I am it breaks the flow and i get anxious about opening the packet and rolling it the right way, and if i’ll still be hard by the time it’s on.

Condoms, entering for the first time, leg cramps, change in positions

Even when I start making out I notice the spectatoring begin and my conscious immediately shifts to my penis and why it’s not getting hard. There are of course occasions with a girl when I will get an erection, like if we cuddle or if her bum is on my crotch, but as soon as there is the expectation of more to happen, the performance anxiety begins, then I spectate and it snowballs to the point where I’m not even enjoying myself.

First time hookups. I always feel anxious that I won’t get hard or if I don’t do well she’s gonna tell her friends and make a bad name for herself.

I usually feel stressed to lose the erection or semi-erection on top of all the stress around my ED.

When I start getting into my head and stop enjoying the moment, especially in the process of actually having sex, I can feel my mind start racing. I am often stuck between trying to relax and just enjoy intercourse with my partner while also trying not to “finish” early.

Feeling rushed or pressurised or not having enough foreplay does it for me.

Going from petting dressed to undressed and insertion

I share the condoms as an erection killer, but I take prep to avoid this being a safety concern . But the problem worsened and I couldn’t blame condoms anymore. If say it fell out during sex and I found that I wasn’t absolutely hard and struggled in the slightest all going back in, game over

taking my own pants off or switching positions after I know/think the position we’re in won’t let me finish because then i think i wont finish at all and upset my girlfirend

trying to penetrate for the first time of the night

When I go to put it in, I lose my erection

For me, it’s when I’m with someone new. The past few girlfriends I’ve had, it’s taken us a few tries to have sex, but once it works once, it stops being an issue completely. It happened for the first time when I was 17, and has happened with every new person I’ve slept with except for one since then.

I struggle to keep my erection when my girlfriend goes to climb on top.

Sometimes we could be kissing while I’m touching myself, and I start to think that maybe my partner wants to give me oral sex and then I fear the erection will go down and it will be embarrassing for them ans for me. Or I think I have to already have an erection in order to start sexual activity.

Condom time.
When penetration misses or doesn’t happen when trying and there’s some fumbling for a few seconds. Makes me think she doesn’t want me actually or that I’m not big enough.
Switching positions because I’m afraid of the fumbling.