Should i keep using the pill?

I have real bad performance anxiety, no medical issues. Found out that the viagra works wonders for me even in extreme low dosage 12.5mg even 6mg. Tried 3mg but only gat half hard. I get anxious even if i m on the pill but feeling my dick hardening inspite of the anxiety is somewhat relieving and i can have amazing sex. When i try tonhave sex without it the anxiety completely shuts down my penis during foreplay or just before penetration. Knowing that i m not on the pill kinda increases that anxiety. Should i keep using the pill in hopes that my body will learn to associate sex just with pleasure instead of anxiety or just drop it and just try without it? Sooner or later i have to ditch it anyway. What so you think?

I found another post in mojo community where a guy said that he has been using the pill for 3 years and now he can’t perform with out it. His advice was to not use pill every time but instead work on anxiety issues and I personally feel it’s the right way since you aren’t treating your underlying issues and going for an easy fix, you can take a break from sex for sometime and work on performance anxiety issues and then try again.

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There’s no one answer for everyone.

It’s down to you and what you want.

For me I get okay once I know them and relaxed… So it’s useful using cialis/viagra with randoms, as I can’t overcome the nerves… But then when I’m with a partner longer term you do need to talk and address and get comfortable without.

However as mentioned other people may always need it…

So In summary… Unfortunately everyone is different… But don’t assume it’ll end badly… Just keep yourself in check and if its working towards your goals.

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