Lgbt exclusive chat?

Hi, I don’t know if it’ll be useful, but is there enough take up for a lgbt mojo connect session.

I’ve done the normal one a few times and despite them being straight it is relatable. However it is still slightly unnerving and either you have to own it, or say they etc.

Considering mojo is about low worry, IF there were enough people (I am not sure there are…) talking without worrying about people’s opinion of lgbt may be easier.


I’d appreciate it as an option

I would also appreciate this

I’m interested

This would help very much. I have yet to attend a session due to not wanting to have the coming out conversation and effecting the groups dynamic. I would really like a gay men’s option.

I would really appreciate it!

I am interested!

I’d appreciate this as an option.

Definitely think this would be a great option and would relieve significant stress for those in the LGBT community in a discussion group

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Yes I would love this group

@jb-mojo or @grace-mojo is this something you can facilitate? Otherwise We could make an unofficial one.

How about Monday 27th at 19:30 UK time (GMT+1). Its close time to the normal one. I’m being a bit selfish delaying it 30minutes, as I’m busy 1830-1930 :joy:.

I’ll message a few admins, Otherwise, I’ll just post a zoom link earlier that day in this chat if people are up for it?

If that time doesn’t work for many I’ll Post a doodle for other times.

Sounds good

I’d definitely be up for joining, although I didn’t experience any weirdness from the straight guys on the call I attended.

I’m interested and it would be great to have a weekend option since I’m in California and the regular time falls in the middle of the workday and I can’t attend while I’m in the office.

I’d be up for that!

Also registering my interest! I’ve no problem talking about queer stuff to a room full of straights, but I appreciate not everyone is that comfortable with it. An ‘official’ Mojo one would be excellent, but happy to join an unofficial one if that can’t happen.

Definitely interested

Yeah I’d be interested too. My current sexual orientation might be part of the problem so it’d be good to be able to discuss this as well

I’d like this

I’m interested