If you’ve tried meditation, how did it help?

It makes me more aware of my thoughts and distractions

To help me be more calm and relaxed

I’m hoping meditation will help with my anxiety.

Meditation helps create some distance between my thoughts and my ‘self’. I can more easily notice negative, unhelpful (and often untrue) thoughts and identify them for what they are. It also helps me to focus on other senses and sensations, which gets me out of my head. With practice, meditation also showed me that calm, uncluttered awareness is available to me at all times.

Reduction of anxiety and making me more aware of what is actually occurring

I haven’t meditated in years, and I think it’s time to.do.it again.

I haven’t meditated in some time, and I think it’s time to do it again.

Ive tried it a bit, and i think its working, i will continue

I never meditated before but started to gain control over my breathing when I’m anxious and it is making such a difference. I wanna meditate to become more calm and in control of my feelings and thoughts.

Meditation completely changed my life. I always felt like there was so much noise in my head all the time, worries, thoughts, stresses, etc. When I started meditation I was able to feel a quiet mind. It is so relaxing. It’s nice to have meditation as a tool to achieve this clear mind and anchor yourself in your breath. It’s a tool available to you at all times and can really help in every area of life.

Hoping for a reduction in my anxious thoughts.

Mine relaxed and being very much focused on the moment

Meditation works without me knowing it works. Too often we wish for a quick, consciously recognisable downshift. But the shift happens gradually while our awareness is focussed on the body and bringing the parasympathetic online. It’s only when we check in with ourselves after having the patience to take a few minutes, that we notice our body is calmer.

Meditation helps keep me in a calmer more tranquil state, while allowing me to focus more on my partner.

It helped me refocus and collect my thoughts

Anything that can help me get out of my head


I have done meditation in the past bit am still sceptical about it. I hope that by looking at it differently and doing it regularly that it will help me destress in all areas of my life

Meditation helps me relax and calms me down for the day ahead.

It is difficult but the reward of having a peaceful mind for a few minutes is worth it.

Meditation is amazing. It’s almost like a vacation. It is a time to unwind and let all thoughts go. If I’m right, it can almost feel like a high. And can improve my entire day.