If you’ve tried meditation, how did it help?

Hoping for the ability to calm and stay in the moment on the fly.

I’ve reached mindfulness state of mind by doing yin yoga ( slow relaxing sessions ) and it helped me with stress l. Lost the habit of doing it after the pandemic

It has helped me to reduce general feelings of anxiety in my day and I have also used it to calm myself before sexual encounters where I have successfully been able to get and stay hard

Stress regulation, more mindfulness, more focus, ability to deal with various thoughts and only focus on the ones which are important. Reduce anxiety and silencing inner critic.

Meditation has helped me slow the pace of everything around me and feel in more control of my life and circumstances

Looking forward to experimenting with this

I’m hoping it will do everything you’ve described. Getting out of my head is my single biggest obstacle.

It calmed me down

I have never tried meditation. It is foreign to me. I am hoping it will help me to get out of my head and allow me to enjoy the pleasures of sex verses constantly worrying why I can’t get hard.

First off, it gives me some peace of mind to k own that I’m making an effort to be happier. I find it very hard to give myself credit or feel good in my own skin, but knowing that I tried my best at something provides me some sense of satisfaction.
Also, the practice itself definitely helps my mind stop racing. Whenever I’m preoccupied with thoughts I’m generally less useful and certainly can’t get a hard on. Even though I struggle in general to get it up, when I can be in the moment and in tune with the physical sensations and happy emotions I’m feeling I’m much more likely to get an erection.

I’ve never tried meditation. But I’m willing to give it a solid real effort go.

I hope meditation is going to help me to improve different areas of my life and make me appreciate better myself

I believe that a morning meditation regimen sets the tone for entering the day calm and focused. I was on a roll over the Summer when I didn’t have kids at home, but I’ve not prioritized this with my morning routine being so much more demanding during the school year. I’ll have to figure out how to work this important activity back into my daily self care routine.

In the past, meditation has helped with managing my anxiety and slowing all sorts of thoughts in my head. I haven’t practiced it often enough but I am hoping it can help me be more attentive and aware of what I am feeling and why.

reducing my overall levels of anxiety which i hope well reduce my performance anxiety

I’ve tried meditation before but found it very difficult to just observe my thoughts without engaging them or letting them control me. I’m hoping to get more practice with meditation and hopefully it will become a more useful tool for me.

I meditate fairly regularly and have done for some years, but haven’t used it in the context of reducing my sexual performance anxiety. I do know that being more aware of what’s going on internally helps me a great deal

Meditation helps calm the storm of my mind and made me realize I let my thoughts get the best of me for two long

I need help calming my mind so I can live in the moment.

I’ve used meditation for other things in the past but never my ED. I hope it can help me as it did before.