If you’ve tried meditation, how did it help?

It is great for focus

It does help, consistency is difficult.

I have used hypnosis and meditation for many years, however, the techniques used for impotence are awkward and not very useful but the meditation part is very useful and helpful

I think I let my mind get the better of me sometimes and would like to manage my emotions more, particularly when I’m feeling nervous and anxious about something

I have tried meditation but usually stop because it’s hard to stay disciplined. Now I have a stronger reason to stay focused as I hope meditation can help me control the negative thoughts I have about having sex with my partner.

I tried mindfulness before, but it didn’t feel like it was effective, but I haven’t tied it to my performance anxiety problems.

I hope it works. Never tried. But, I am starting to wonder when we are supposed to do all these excersises. Most of us have a life with our partner.

It is helping me connect with my body in ways I never thought possible. I just got started and plan on doing it regularly. I have been feeling sensations I never did before when by myself (and getting rock hard) but I have started sleeping better, which is another problem I have.