Identifying the inner critic during soft penis pleasuring

Felt like I was trying to invite it but as there was no need for the inner critic it felt like I was having to do the put downs and nagging myself

You have a small penis

It said that I should get harder faster.

It said about not being hard, surely you should go hard, expect others would go hard but then when being mindful of it was quite easy to get it to stop and relax into it

I found that my inner critic was telling me I should be hard just touching it.

Just that More should be happening. If I was a real man my dick would be reacting, not just staying soft

The inner critic said your not getting hard touching your penis so how will you get hard when a girl touches it. Makes me think i cant get it up.

Why arent you getting hard?

It was telling me that this is wrong and my penis shouldn’t be like this. And that I should be hard now

There was no sexual stimulant such as watching something on my phone, so it felt like I was just touching myself and exploring. I got semi soft but not hard. was interesting to see how fast I went from semi hard to soft so quick. That’s what happens during sex for me. However during the exercise knowing I wasn’t masturbating to any material, I didn’t feel ashamed or self criticize

10 minutes is to long

Soft penis, what if you cant get hard

I don’t get hard as I used to, even when hard my overall penis and balls feel softer and different from when I was in my early 30s

Small and not hard enough for penetrative sex

Basically look you’re playing with your dick and it’s not getting hard

The main thing the inner critic was saying was ‘look at it, so pathetic’ which is just a ridiculous attitude to have towards it haha so I noticed that and then tried to talk the inner critic down, before too long it had shut up and I had quite an accepting attitude towards the little guy and the exercise.

It said that it’s small, it has hair on it and probably can’t even get really big.

It was pointing out how I should have been getting hard, but wasnt

That it was small when not erect