Identifying the inner critic during soft penis pleasuring

Inner critic saying “it’s not gonna stay hard, you’re better off going back to sleeping around”

I kept waiting for it to get hard but overall it was nice to give my penis some love.

Inner critic didn’t let me enjoy it to begin with. Saw myself as a failure for having to do a exercise. After awhile I zoned out and just felt relaxed and the only thing I was was the erection!

At first it was telling me I look all shriveled up.

Bent dick

That I’m doing some nonsense

Became worried that it should have been getting hard whilst I touched it and it didn’t

Started being concerned that my penis is too small and that I still wasn’t getting an erection.

It said, “This is not my issue or problem.”

Inner critic definitely had me questioning why I wasn’t getting hard. Then I reflected on the times I’ve been touched by women and wasn’t able to stay hard. But I was able to realize that hey, if I can’t get myself hard, it’s okay that it happened then, the same way it is okay now. And inner critic slowly moved away. Would definitely creep up here and there throughout exercise, but the more comfortable I got during the exercise, the more it helped me remove the inner critic.

My inner critic said it was too small. I don’t love you. You are not enough. It will always let you down. I went through a recall of my stepmom telling me about my mom’s sexual dissatisfaction.

Also, there is a replay of my roommate touching me in my sleep and trying to watch me in the shower and trying to have sex with me, and getting upset when I refused. You, my trauma, to get me to do things I didn’t want to fucking do. My perspective is wrong, that I am wrong.

It makes me not trust my spouse. My spouse wanted to have a threesome to get sexual satisfaction. I didn’t want to. When I told her, she said, ok, I will never choose you to do something you don’t want.

I bet my partners other partners don’t have any erection problems, my penis is ugly and small these thoughts definitely kill my boner,

My inner critic was criticising me like it would when having sex. I didn’t listen, I affirmed myself that it’s ok whatever state my penis is in. A bit hard a bit soft a bit harder or really soft. Back and forth.

I wish I could’ve gotten hard

I never have had performance anxiety, when masturbating or playing with a soft penis, it’s only when I get a partner, especially a new partner involved, then the anxiety panic attacks start, and poof, all gone

My dick is a failure. You can’t get hard or stay hard.Wait til you get with a naked woman, you’ll go soft.

Inner critic says it will go soft again when it comes to intercourse.

Well it kinda was making me feel bad about the fat on my pubic bone. I have gained a little bit of weight for strength and I’m trying to lose it rn which is making me a little self conscious but this helped me out with becoming more comfortable with my fat. Oh yeah I was kinda worried that I wasn’t getting hard after touching it so long

Inner critic said I was looking like an idiot fiddling with my dick. Reminded me of failures with my partner. But then I started to appreciate my penis and came to like it while being soft

i noticed that it told me: hopefully this will already help!
and also „dead dick“
but i remembered we‘re buddys so thats good