How was trying the squeeze technique?

Weird actually I had phase where it felt like
I’d come but hadn’t….

The harder the better

Medium pressure, it worked the first attempt, but after beginning stimulation again it did not hold off the point of no return

Medium pressure worked just fine, and was able to do it multiple times without trouble.

I needed quite a bit of pressure such that I lost a bit of hardness. Still hard enough to re-enter my sleeve toy, but with a little less hardness I can last much longer when re-entering otherwise it’s one or two thrusts before I have to pull out a squeeze again

Seems really awkward to hold it the way the exercise tells you too.
Didn’t really seem to desensitise me, as soon as I went back to it, I was at the same point of arousal within a few strokes, literally 5-6 seconds.
Maybe I’m doing it wrong?

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Didn’t work for me and don’t see how this can work in the bedroom either. If you’re deep inside you can’t pull out every 10 seconds to use this method. Also the diagram method was impossible
to follow without dislocating your wrist.


The position felt unnatural like I had to properly twist my hand around. Sadly it didn’t work lol - it was kind of funny. Squeezing it just meant I was holding back lots of pressure, which meant it (apologies) got a lot of air time.

Needs more practice. At least medium pressure.

I foudn squeezing even more arousing. I even came when applying the squeeze

Squeezing the tip definitely caused more arousal, but I did not finish. The medium-hard squeeze worked great for about 5 times.

Medium-hard pressure…subsided the feeling of cumming but got a little softer. Had to wait like 30secs playing with balls etc before starting to masturbate again otherwise would reach point of no return in like 5 seconds