How do you plan to simmer?

My partner really enjoys kissing, so a tight embrace and a long slow kiss before I head to work will be my goto

I plan to give longer kisses with drawing her in for a hello or a goodbye.
I like the idea of letting it not lead to sex and be comfortable just simmering and teasing.
I plan to get more out of her over text and increase sexual desire.
It’s great to build up that anticipation before seeing each other.

I think dropping messages throughout the day to build up anticipation will be really hot. Similarly, those moments of lingering physical touch will be good for us both

Longer, more passionate kisses are a good place to start. Intentionality with hugs and kisses…not just making it routine

Start with texts and messages. When I get back home, the long kiss when I get home or leave. Just generally let her know my fantasies about her

I think messaging more throughout the day things I’m thinking of is a good place to start.

Send her sexy messages that convey my desire for her

Start with a message about not being able to wait to see them

Text her that I can’t wait to c her! And kiss her passionately when I do c her

I do simmering on a daily basis but that is just the way I am with my partner. She doesn’t always receive it the same way but it’s not because she doesn’t want it, it’s because the way she receives and expresses love is different than myself. I just need to find the small meaningful ways to show her I care and start this simmering so by evening it all come to a head.

I plan to continue to give affirmation to my girl and continue to rub on her body

We already do some of this without realising it’s simmering. I will start kissing my wife for longer when one of us is heading out of the house. I’ll also think about the fragrances she wears which turn me on.

We already do a few of these things over the course of most days, but I’d like to add more of the verbal/text messaging in to build the anticipation in non-touch ways

My wife and I do this a bit already - hot libido thermostat is great. Just need to be somewhat consistent, for life!

I’m not in a relationship now… but will think about simmering when I am in a relationship

I’ll give it a try though I don’t get it if you’re not feeling it, how are you supposed to fantasize? To me, it’s a bit like saying oh picture a delicious meal when you’re not hungry, sure I can but I’ll be like whatever. So maybe digging deeper into how to do it properly if it’s just training your mind or having people successfully tried it

More passionate kisses when leaving or greeting her. More loving texts.

longe kisses, texts her telling her i can’t wait to see her, and sexy compliments,

longer kisses, long hugs, stronger hugs whenever we leave or greet each other.

This has made me think about how I interact with my wife. We often sit at opposite ends of the sofa and we used to cuddle in bed but don’t do that much since my issue started as I would get anxious about her possibly wanting to initiate something. I will try to kiss her goodbye more passionately and maybe sit closer on the sofa or have a cuddle and also in bed just to reconnect the bond or make it stronger …she doesn’t show affection by cuddling or kissing, that’s not her love language but I have noticed after watching this that we used to be more tactile I am define going to try this …small steps but positive changes