How do you keep the sexual flow going?

Body touches
Kissing while putting on the condom
Touching my self and my anus

I often have issues when the pace is picked up. Closing in on coming. The pressure is on to both please her, to make her come, but also to finish myself. High pace may lead to misshaps like slipping out of her or hurting.
It works much much better to slow down and let the climax come to you rather than the other way around

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To keeps focusing in the moment and feel all feelings on my body helps me so much, as well that my partner understand this situation

Keep focusing on the moment and be there for every feeling, and as well that my partner understand this situation

usually focusing on what my partner wants is a good help. i’ve also found that even giving myself some extra attention can help get me harder. i feel like i know what i’m doing sexually and i know what i want but my body keeps holding me back

Pills. But have side affects of filling sick

We just keep trying, when we hit the brick wall she gets more freaky than iv ever seen.
But that in a way makes me feel more pressured becuase she’s putting herself out there more so i feel more pressured to get erect.

But when it first started happening she thought it was her, she thought I was going off of her when it was the literal polar oppisite, I was falling for her more. But now she knows it isn’t her and that it’s all in my head so we just genuinly try until I get there or we can just be like “oh well try again tommorow”

Then usually most time we sit for 5 minutes then I’m on top of her becuase it all started working…

I always try to calm myself, focus subtly on my breathing, and focus again on the touch and connection with the partner

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Whenever I feel it’s time to put on the condom, I immediately do it and don’t delay. The more I think about “oh when’s the right time, I should wait a bit longer, what’s my game plan, etc.”, the worse it is. If I have the thought to put on the condom, I immediately do it and try to have a completely clear head while doing it and think of nothing besides my breathing.

At this stage, the times it has happened, we have both just stopped. Looking to keep it going the next time, or find different ways to approach sex that doesn’t involve penetration

Having everything very easily accessible. So you don’t really need to move and it can be very quick to make those transition times as short as possible. Also perhaps having my partner involved in putting on the lube or condom.

Kissing and touching without any pressure of sex or erections

I think telling my partner about my worries beforehand, doing lots of foreplay and having the option in my head to go back to foreplay. Focusing on them and the bodily sensation. Doing it without feeling the need to perform a duty of sexually satisfying them but just to enjoy the ride.

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As soon as I acknowledge the issue to my partner, start kissing and touching each other and focusing on that, my erection returns. I know it’s in my head, and I need to keep that feeling all throughout sex so I can be more present.

Mostly I’m able to get my erection back up again after it gets flaccid during sex, I do this by trying to cut off my thoughts and start the foreplay again. When we dirty talk, it really helps to get the erection back. Also if she’s touching my groin, that helps too in getting back the erection. Things like a blowjob does the job too. Sometimes stroking myself between positions also helps. I get seriously aroused if my partner asks me to do certain rough things to her.

Definitely easier for me to keep sexual flow going through physical touch

Self masturbation sometimes helps and trying to focus on the reaction of my partner.

I can keep the sexual flow going my creating a realistic goal in my head and focusing on it only. My goal would be formed as a sentence that describes penetration. If I need to put a condom on beforehand I’ll imagine it simply being suited up for a big battle and I’ll have fun in my head

Any time the vibe is positive it keeps me excited. I try to think about how amazing my partner is and it gets me excited to keep going. Especially when it seems like they are enjoying themselves.

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flirty talking during the process of wearing condoms