How can we improve the Mojo community?

Hey all — looking for feedback on what you’d like to see more of from our community tab, please reply with anything from your wish list!


As well as latest first / recently updated / hot etc filter, there could be a “not answered” filter to help encourage people to reach out for posts without any feedback yet

Also, I think any online community gets improved engagement when contributions are recognised!

Seeing a “rank” increase or a badge or whatever system for contributing lots of positive engagement (especially helpful comments on other users posts) will naturally give a little positive boost and encouraging people to keep engaging, I think it’s just human nature :smile:


Firstly this is a great forum. I’ve found it immensely valueable as a place to share experiences anonymously. So please keep it!!!

I would like to see :

  • a search function - to allow you to find topics relevant or to check in on particular conversation that may be way down the list.

  • an ability to follow web links posted in discussions

  • paste and copy?

Many thanks.


An ability to see previous asked questions made by yourself :grin:


1.Filter by your own posts answered /not answered Currently this is missing and I have to search through to get to my post.
2. Provide useful videos/ articles from YouTube or any other source to help the community or commonly asked questions.
3. Provide chat option to the paid membership where one can chat with an expert and discuss his issues


A search function would be very useful


Thank you all, really appreciate the feedback and will be working on some of these features (not right away but in the coming months!).

Links to my own posts.
The ability to search.

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The ability to edit my post (at least for a while)

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Make it easier to find your own posts
A filter to show recently responded-to posts
Clickable links
Ability to edit own post if needed

More options for the group option if we can’t make the time it is offered.