How are you finding the directed masturbation exercises?

It seemed weird at first, but now Im really starting to never even notice worrying about ED whereas it used to be a constant root of stress for me.

Nice, I like them, I strongly believe that changing brain signalling and pathways is key

It feels so calm and relaxing. I want to work on getting more feeling back in my penis

like the voice, and exploring texture, pressure and temperature and not letting external (negative) thoughts in.

So far I have found it very difficult to focus and not spectate. The first session with the female voice was way too fast, barely had any time to absorb one instruction and she was on to the next. I’ve just repeated the second session on my laptop as the iPhone app keeps going to sleep. This time I was able to “turn up the volume” of the sensation a bit, but it doesn’t come easily. The instructions to focus more on the different aspects of touch were easier for my mind. So far this is not what I would have called “masturbation”…

Was getting arroused from rubbing my thighs and inner thighs. Didn’t know that was there for me. Will keep trying new sensations


It was a relaxing experience, felt more in touch with my senses

I think they should use a woman’s voice. Kinda odd to touch myself to a mans voice.

Maybe it’s just me, but female voices in general are not soothing as they are a but too high pitched, jolts me out of my relaxed state and distracting for my liking and difficult to relax my mind. The male voice is calm, lower pitch and just easier to relax.

Need to understand how not to apply an pressure to the outcome. I’ll keep practicing

Masturbation and watching porn ruined me so I won’t be doing those expertises. I think this is the wrong approach at least for me.