How are you finding the directed masturbation exercises?

Good exercise. For me, issues getting hard change my relationship with sex from something positive and exciting, to something negative and scary. In times like I am now, I lose confidence and it makes me feel as though sex is an obstacle rather than a pleasure. Need help rewiring those into positivity and confidence

Surprisingly enjoyable. It was like being a child again and exploring the sensations of your own body and all of it is new and erotic. I’ve become so focused on performing and orgasming that I haven’t slowed down to appreciate the sensation of touch in other areas.

It wasn’t enough to make me hard, but I could feel myself getting turned on.

The voice was soothing and was better than the woman from Day 1

Learning to focus on the sensations, relaxing, and keeping my mind pretty clear

The light touch took time, but I did get hard. It felt really good to stay with light touch and take my time. I wanted to speed up and touch more firmly, but I kept it slow and easy, and stopped before climaxing. That felt oddly empowering.

The female voice from day 1 was too rushed and hectic but I think I would favour a females over a male voice for these exercises. I burst out laughing when he said “ballsack”! For me breathing is the most important part of staying connected and not spectatoring during these meditations.

I didn’t like either voice, but the exercises were good.

They are helpful, I got an erection almost immediately when I started touching my testicles, although I would prefer a female voice.

I’m surprised that I’m having sensations in the shaft of my penis. Wouldn’t call myself aroused, but at least I enjoyed having tingling sensations which I usually never have in the shaft.

They are enjoyable and show other ways to be turned on more gradually and help focus on the physical touch.

Can’t do this to man’s voice

I “sectioned off” areas of my balls and shaft and compared sensations for each “section”. It really helped me focus on the pleasurable sensations

Starting to get an erection without visuals

I’m enjoying switching off to everything but the feelings and sensations

I don’t really notice temperature at all. The rough ness of my hands isn’t the most pleasant feel without lube but I guess it’s a feeling I’m only now noticing.
I did notice I don’t catch myself spectatoring until the guide points it out which causes me to spectator. I quickly am able to shut that off though and it almost triggers an erection so I guess noticing and forcing myself back to the exercise is positive.

Just slowing down and not stressing out about needing to perform or cum. Soft touch is nice. There’s something here about just enjoying

I think too much about how uncomfortable I am

Being present and overcoming the voice in my head that has expectations of having a rock hard erection from these exercises

Attempting to immerse myself in the feelings is challenging because the tactile feedback from the hands is overwhelming the feedback from the other parts of my body

I like the man’s voice and pace there should be a choice based on your preference

I do not find light touch arousing, but I think these exercises could be useful in dealing with spectatoring.