Finally had great sex

25yo male here! Just had great sex with my fiancé! I would always go soft after 3 minutes into sex since the beginning of our relationship (been dating since 2018). I applied what I would learn from the past 2 months of joining mojo and it worked! Sex lasted about 30 minutes and I stayed hard the whole time! I would say my main culprits were DGS (I abstained from masturbation since February 6), and being in my head so much. I decided to just feel and be in the moment and it was so successful. I have never had sex this great in my life. My fiancé even said I gave her the sex she’s always wanted. I feel like a million bucks! Don’t give up, fellas!




Congratulations CHAMP, now onto the wedding !


It is great to hear success stories on here. Thanks for sharing! Curious though, what is DGS? Maybe I am not that far in the program or not familiar with the acronym.


I just started. My wife and I did not have sex for a very long time… she passed away last year from her illnesses and I would like to have a partner again. I know there is mental issues to overcome. I am very appreciative of your post. I am very happy for you!


I had to look it up. Death Grip Syndrome. Not a real syndrome… just taking your practice rounds too hard!


congrats. i can say the same. been having success lately and its just relaxing, having no expectations, taking it slow, and focus on the sensations. also open communication with my gf. if it happens it will happen. if it don’t it don’t. i look at it like practicing and have been now looking forward to intimacy vs being anxious about it.


Starting out this Journey!

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