Do you ever get anxious during sex? How does it affect you? (Part 2)

I do get anxious

Yes it causes my erection to slim down thanks.

Yes, almost always. I knew something bad is going to happen even hours before possibity of having sex.

The thought of not doing enough

I get anxious if not satisfying my partner or can’t perform normally. Makes me feel inadequate.

I get aroused and when we are in the middle(or beginning) of the intercourse some kind of anxiety kicks in and even though I can keep my errection, there is something else that gets me cum faster than I anticipate and it’s hard to get aroused again.
I used to watch porn and masturbate, not anymore and although the issue is not fully resolved. :confused:

Often. Part of me feels it is related to self confidence and performance issues become a self fulfilling prophecy.

Yes, performance anxiety is normal for me I am seldom relaxed and in the moment.

The truth is that I really don’t have any real performance issues, I’ve never felt unable to satisfy a partner and after being in a relationship for a while the anxiety is reduced to the point where I can ‘perform’ but often I will not get full enjoyment from sex even if I have ‘provided’ for my partner.

Tbh, my primary issue is to get in the right mindset to find sex enjoyable I think.
Often it feels like my brain is racing with thoughts and such and I just can’t find it pleasurable at all.

Those instances when I haven’t felt like that, I’ve not had any issues either. So it’s probably some sort of stress or performance anxiety.

Every time

Only been a recent thing, as in last 2-3 months. I seem to lose my mental focus right now. And since we have kids, there is little to no foreplay, making me feel I have to perform immediately

I’m constantly worried that I won’t be able to get an erection, and when I have one worry that I won’t be able to sustain it. It’s been a constant problem with my wife, and now that I have other sexual partners, it’s even worse. I can be thoroughly turned on yet still have no blood flow to the penis.

All my sexual interactions happened when i was really drunk on a night out i could barely see, not get it up xD so i had no actual good sex experience, and when i entered my relationship, in the beginning i was so nervous, i didn’t know what to do, what was okay, what she liked, so from the beginning i had trouble getting it up, sometimes everything was fine, sometimes not… but she was being really not understanding about it and always pressured me why? How? And getting annoyed by it witch put even more pressure on me. When i get in the groove and we have regular sex, my libido goes up, and my erections improve, to the point when we were on a vacation and we had sex non stop for five days, i could get it up in a second… that’s why i know it’s psychological.when we don’t have sex for a couple of days,or a week, i start to worry about pre mature ejaculation, about my performance, and it goes back to how it was. My libido is fine, im always in the mood for sex, but my head gets in the way a lot.

Yes, ruined my marriage and a subsequent relationship. I haven’t bothered since because I don’t want to deal with the anxiety that comes with this problem.

I always overthink and wait for her to initiate

Yeah because I want to last longer

I get anxious with this one girl because me and her been friends for a long time and ion wanna disappoint her and it affects me because I get hard and then seconds later go soft.

I hadn’t had sex for a year and I was with this woman. We had a great connection and started making out etc. I just couldn’t get hard. I could get semi erect but not all the way.

I know it is due to psychosexual dysfunction from my previous relationship. I guess I just need time to work through it with someone…

It’s just embarrassing, ya know?

I constantly feel inadequate in the size of my penis even though my partner praises it’s size etc. Sometimes we have amazing sex but the second I start to doubt myself, the quality of my erection starts to dive down. She immediately thinks it’s her fault which causes my performance anxiety to just become worse especially when I try and explain that it is me who is the problem.

Through one night stands I’ve hard a complete flop, everything would be going well with a girl and then get to the bedroom and flop got mad unhappy with myself think it’s forced me into a relationship I’m not fully happy in. Confidence approaching women is not what it could be