Do you ever get anxious during sex? How does it affect you? (Part 2)

I was recently having this issue. I was having the problem of “what if I don’t last long? What if I don’t satisfy my partner?” Ever since I started having these thoughts my performance have plummeted. When it’s time for it, it won’t go up or will go up but not completely. I have also noticed if there is an exterior problem in your life that you think about too much you’ll be stuck in your head when it’s time for it.

I just start struggling from ED not too long ago, my first thought was it was because I watched a lot of porn before, I do get nervous in bed and I am always stuck in my head with negative thoughts

Makes me feel inadequate. Like my partner is dissatisfied. Then focus on my penis being hard takes over and loses hardness

Yes. Absolutely.

Go off on an internal death spiral and no matter what the other guy says, I’m stuck there in an internal fight. Getting mad I’m not hard. Trying to force it… Getting mad thar doesn’t worn… Getting mad that I’m mad.

Yes, last partner I was never really comfortable with and I was always in my head

Sometimes it just reduces how hard I am in the moment or completely gets rid of my erection

With a new partner that I have emotional connection with yes. But if it’s a random, I have nil issues.


Yes and before as I know my erection will not last

I get anxious most times I’m about to have sex. The truth is, my partner is much more experienced than I am and while I think it’s great that she knows what she likes, I don’t really know what I like. She’ll say things to me like “I like getting f***ed for an hour straight” which makes me uncomfortable because I’ve never even been close to lasting that long and I fear that when we have sex she’s thinking about past partners that she’s had a more fulfilling sex life with. I want so badly to be able to pleasure her and to have a more active and engaged sex life. I’m so nervous that I’ll disappoint her by not lasting long which has lead to this downward spiral for me.

Yea. I never had this problem before my current partner. I actually like this girl and get scared to have sex and fail as a partner. Every other girl I’ve hooked up with, I didn’t care about — emotionally.

It’s weird because it doesn’t happen at all with some girls I date. The ones that seem sluttier or sexier. But nice shy girls I get the worst performance anxiety. But that’s the type of girl I want to be with

For 80% of the time I do get solid erections. However, what I find challenging sometimes is keeping those erections. I believe my brain has become less sensitive due to frequent exposure to sexually content so that I find regular sex with a partner less exciting. It affects me by affecting my partner; I feel bad and helpless when she feels like she isn’t enough to turn me on.

Extremely anxious

Yes, it started a few years ago when I had an emotionally challenging breakup which led to a depression.

After I recovered I tried to engage in a sexual moment and it didn’t work - I was mortified, and the woman (who WAS NOT in a relationship with me) also was looking at me like “what the hell is wrong with you… or maybe something is wrong with me??” I was so embarrassed that I just left.

Every time afterwards this it’s all I could think about. Over time I did t want to ever have sex and would avoid it.
I was give different ed meds and they helped, but my interest in sex faded because of how deeply it all impacted me.

Now I am trying this to see if maybe this could help because I hate taking medication.

Yes i do i worry that i wont cum i can get hard some what but cant cum

Yes when we start to have sex i think that this will not go the way i want and will be over in a few mins

Off late, I do feel the performance stress before sex. I had not had any sex for 7 years, this was not because of any physical or mental ailment but a reason I am not comfortable sharing now. However, I used to masturbate during this time. But over a while, the absence of real sex has now killed my confidence. In the last 3 times, I could not have my penis hard. It was firm for the time being but as soon as I put on the condom, the hardness starts fading. Now I am wondering whether just masturbating has impacted the firmness of my penis while excited.

Premature ejaculation

Yes it affects my performance