Wife is menopausal, her drive has dropped - mine is high but I can’t last long

So my wife and I have been married for around 5 months. She is in her mid 50s, I’m almost 37. Right around the time we got married menopause started to set in and now it’s dropped her libido so significantly that she asked me to stop trying to initiate sex with her entirely. That was a month or two ago, when I was trying to initiate every other day or so. Now it’s been more than 30 days since we last had sex.

When we do have sex though I do not last long at all. Between 1-3 mins and sometimes less than a minute. The last couple of times it’s been painful for her too even after we took a while on foreplay and she climaxed a few times before PIV. It’s stressful honestly because I’m in my head about whether I’m going to hurt her, she demands I enter her quickly once she really is ready or she tightens up (so I feel under pressure), and then once I do enter her I’m at an 8 on the arousal scale quickly climbing to a 9.

I am feeling undesired and honestly scared to up my workout routine as it’s getting warmer because I feel like my libido will go even higher and she can’t revive it right now.

Is an open marriage an option?

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An open marriage is not an option. We started dating while I was experimenting with polyamory which I found to be incredibly draining and full of heartbreak. My wife is having her hormones checked though and considering HRT.